*WANTED* - Campervan in Chile - Nov. 2016

Hey guys,

we are an Austrian couple looking to buy a campervan in November to make our dream of a roadtrip through Southamerica happen. We expect to arrive in Satiago de Chile somewhere between 1st and 15th of November. Ideally we are looking for a reliable 4x4 campervan but we are open for other reliable vehicles aswell. If you happen to sell your car/van in Chile around that time, please give us a shout.

Thanks in advance and all best from Vienna,

Alina & Bernhard


=== Hello,

I am expected to arrive with my wife in Santiago/Chile by November 7-10th, 2016, starting  our long term travels targeting mainly Chile, Bolivia and Argentina.

From our previous 10 month long trip in Australia we have very positive experience with Pajero (Montero) and that also translates to our inclination towards Delicas and Mitsubishi cars in general.

For sale in Chile: Nissan D21, 2008

We are now still travelling in South America, but in the second half of August we will sell our car in Chile, near Valparaiso. It is a Nissan D21 pick-up from 2008 in a good condition. It just had maintenance and some parts were replaced (battery, shock absorbers, oil + filter, ...).

It brought us and the former owners/travellers to all the places we wanted to go in Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia and Peru.

For sale as well if you're interested:

- tent (Lippi, Lacoa 2.5)

- air matrass + pump

FOR SALE: Camper Van - Toyota Hiace 1998 Manual - Santiago, Chile October 2016 - US$7000

We are three Australian friends currently travelling South America ending our trip in Santiago, Chile, at the end of October. We purchased the van in Santiago in March, the previous owners having converted it from a school mini bus into the perfect summer campervan, so everything is just 18 months new. It is a Chilean plated vehicle that will have registration until the end of February 2017. It has a manual gearbox, a very fuel efficient 2.4 Litre petrol motor and a 65L fuel tank, on the highway it will get you 500km. This camper is rear wheel drive.  

Fully equipped Mitsubishi Montero Sport (Pajero) 4x4 Ano 2009, Chile License Plate for sale September 2016

Mitsubishi Montero Sport GLS (Pajero Sport), Ano 2009, 4x4, ~175.000 km (by the end of trip), Engine Code 6G72 ,3-liter V6, 130kw, gasoline, with chilenian licence plate, liberado (Means it can be sold everywhere), with air condition, power windows...

Fuel efficiency is about 11-14 litre super per 100 km, depending on road condition. The car is well maintained and fit for travelling for 8.900 Euro.


2013 Mitsubishi L300 2.4L

62,000 kilometers (38,000 miles) 

Gasoline engine in excllent condition (no mechanical problems) 

New brakes

New Battery

Oil changed regularly with excellent maintanence record and receipts

Queen (double) Bed

Refridgerator, Stove, Utensils, etc....

Comes with everything you need for camping and living from van (surfboard and wetsuit for sale).

Chilean registered. I can assist with the transfer of ownership process. 

Price $7,500 US 

Phone & whatsapp +56 9 7811 4223

RUT, Insurance, Paperwork, Border tips

Hey everyone,

We help with all the bureaucracy, rut, transfer, insurace and you can also use our address for getting all the papers. We also have our own cars which are optimized for traveling, check us out on our website and feel free to contact at any matter.


RUT, Insurance, Paperwork, Border tips


If you are feeling a little confused about buying a car in chile than this is perfect for you !

we help you find a car, check the car mechanically and the cars documents, help with getting a RUT (including signing your RUT) we make sure you get all the right papers and permissions at the notary, we help you get a great and cheap insurance, we give you our tips for traveling with a car such as where are the fastest border points to cross and where are coolest places to drive to.

WANTED: looking for vehicle for 4 people in Chile (Santiago) in september


We are looking for a vehicle in September for 4 people, 4 adults in order to travel in South America during 6 months.
We will start in Chile and after we will go to Bolivia, Peru, Argentina and come back in Chile.
The idea is to find a big van or a camping car or maybe a big 4WD with sleeping beds and a rooftop.

SOLD. motorhome/campervan for sale in Chile/Argentina April/May/June


Hello all,

We are a couple from Lithuania and we are selling our camper van/motorhome that we bought in Santiago in January, 2016. We planned to travel with it across South America but our plans have changed and we decided to sell it. We are in Punta Arenas now and we'd like to sell it in about a month or two and leave to Europe from Buenos Aires. The sale could happen somewhere in between. As we bought it in Chile, we know the local procedures. As for Argentina, you would need to find out yourself.