FOR SALE 1992 Chevrolet Van only $1100 Puerto Vallarta Mexico Early June (date and location negotiable)

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#1 Tue, 04/18/2017 - 14:00

FOR SALE 1992 Chevrolet Van only $1100 Puerto Vallarta Mexico Early June (date and location negotiable)

Full size 2wd 1 ton van in decent running condition V8 5.7L 350ci 214000 km -many new parts- brakes, most of the suspension and steering, water pump, fuel pump and filter, driveshaft bearing, spark plugs, rad in good condition, canadian ownership and plate

Also includes: Alarm, $100 heavy duty Jack, extra battery hooked up(both less than two years old), small single burner butane stove, 40 watt solar panel, 12v fridge cooler, portable 18L toilet, has speakers but does not have radio/cd player, camping chairs, small folding table, curtains and window screens, 25L water jug, two large wooden storage crates, plastic storage tower, many plastic crates secured under the bed with a bicycle lock welded to the van.  A good amount of mason jars, cooking utensils/pots, spices and a small assortment of tools/ tire repair items.  Small fan to run through the night. Double bed frame welded in crossways-mattress sqeezed in tightly, vinyl floor and an old rug. 

 25 year old vans have issues: 

most of our troubles have been with the front suspension- specifically a control arm and ball joint-has needed frequent attention

there is an issue where the motor cuts out like it is not recieving gas when accelerating quickly- it has been doing this for months and is annoying but not getting worse- possibly a bad fuel pump but could be a sensor. Can be ignored or you can find a smart troubleshooting mechanic

alternator rattles a little and is recommended to be rebuilt  

Basic chevrolet- everything leaks, but always runs!- power steering fluid leaks very slowly/ always has, leaks a little oil/ always has, heater core leaked so was disconnected-therefore no heat-but cooling system in good condition/ does not overheat, no AC, wipers work but fluid does not pump, control arm squeaks-clogged grease pin, lots of surface rust underneath but not where it counts, transmission fluid leaks/ always has- hard shifts sometimes and does well with a good additive but I have not found one here, bad on gas-burns a bit rich- could be sensor related, only one tire in good condition

headlights flicker lightly, hazards dont work and intermittent wipers are wacky which are all possibly from a bad ground/ low voltage issue

The scoop- currently the van starts easily, never stalls and runs well. In my opinion it is perfect and the right price for driving all over Mexico and Central america for someone with a small amount of mechanical skill.   We just had a baby so we are headed back to Canada, planning to fly from Puerto Vallarta in early June. We dont want to drive all the way back for the cost of gas and the fact that we wont have use for the 2 seat van in Canada. We are currently in Nicaragua and may be flexible to part with the van in southern Mexico or Guatemala.  Contact is email only, I can call you from skype or fb messenger when and if you want. Also more pictures.

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Thu, 04/20/2017 - 13:06

We want to buy your car :D

Hello! :)
Me and my girlfriend are traveling Mexico and Central America and hopefully south America if we haven't run out of money too soon.
We are looking to find a nice motorhome and have discovered that Mexico has a ton of rules we didn't recognize and therefore with our visas expired already we can't really do that anymore ... despite of that we've also found out that most of the time it'll be dificult finding anything with the papers in order and so on.
Soooo we're now searching travel forums and other opportunities and stumbled upon your car!
First of all we love your hornesty ! Basically everything is wrong with car but it works which is awesome for us. We've both always had only shitty old cars in our families and so we're used to them having a soul and loving them for it :)
We're very much wanting to have some inside photos of your van and hear where and when it might be able for us to meet up and do the purchase. Also we're hoping that you could maybe help us a bit on the 'paparfront' as we're having a hard time figuring out what we really need.. like, there might be some requirements for us to actually buy and register it in our name and so on.

Hoping to hear from you soon and we'll do our best to be very flexible with meeting points and time as we're going south from playa del carmen soon ^^

Best regards
Bob (Mikkel) and Clara