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FOR SALE in CHILE from May to June : Mitsubishi Montero Sport 3.0L V6 2007



Mitsubishi Montero Sport 4x4, 2007, only 160’000 km, available from San Pedro de Atacama to Santiago.
We are a french couple travelling through Chile, Argentina since January and we have decided to sell our beloved “Rosita” to a new owner !

We have to finish our travel around Atacama before saling our car, but « Rosita » we’ll be availble around half-May for visit and drive test.
If you have never drove a 4WD we’ll be happy to show you (don’t worry it’s not that hard).
Also you’ll find more of outside photos right now, but we’ll had inside ones as soon we get in Chile and fully cleaned it up.

We bought it in Santiago with only 145'000km on the clock. Prior to purchase it had oil and air filter change,new timing belt fitted. We are going to do a full checkup when we get back to Chile at San Pedro.

The car is designed well for travelling over the roads you see in South America and has not let us down once. Mitsubishi is a common brand in South America and parts are widely available in the event that any work needs done.

The car is registered in Chile in our name including all official documents:

-SOAP (CONSORCIO SEGUROS) ok untill march 2018.
- The official annual "technical revision" is made & valid until November 2017. (We'll redo it before the sale).
The "permiso de circulación" (Santiago Municipalidad) (taxes) are paid till 31.03.2018 and the "seguro obligatorio" of Chile (mandatory insurance) is paid and valid until 31.03.2018.
the internationnal seguro (MAPFRE SEGUROS) is paid untill 31.08.2017

To buy the car and become the registered owner, you’ll only need a RUT number (tax number) which you can get from an SII office in chile. Having been through the process we would be more than happy to help walk you through it step by step. Here is a very good blog post detailing the process



2007 Mitsubishi Montero Sport with a powerful V6-Engine, very well maintained offering you the following:
- approx. 165'000 km by the end of our trip depending on area of purchase (current 160‘000km)
- 3.0 l V6 Gasoline Engine, 177HP
- automatic 4 speed
- 2wd - 4wd high gear and low gear
- separate differential lock
- Fuel consumption: depending on road conditions approx. 12 l / 100km
- registered in Chile
- gasoline (74L tank)
- electrical windows all around
- rooftop window electrical
- air-conditioning
- 1 full size spare tire
- tinted rear windows
- 1 remote keys, one standard key
- electric closing
- steering wheel lock with key
- front window sunblind
- black leather interior in good condition
- 5 seats
- colour: white
- Chilean plates
- title of the car in our name
- jack
- jumper cables
- 2 safety triangles
2 safety wests
- fire extinguisher
- 60L spare gas in three 20L jerrycans.



So far, we did the following maintenance work:

- oil change with filters (air, oil & fuel) every 10’000 km

- suspension in the front (both)

4 tires changed

All receipts of replacements & checks available.

We’ll do back in Chile:

Full check up
new oil, all filters changes
outside and inside washing.


Inside the car you have full equipment, like

- foldable wood platform as a bed base in the back,
-  2 baby mattresses
2 pillows
2 set of sheets
2 fitted sheets
2 pillows cases
2 blankets
1 5x7m tarp
some tools
some rope
1 little camping lamp
- inversor 12V to 220 V

air compressor
Tire pressure checker
- full set of compact cooking equipment
- camping stove
- bowls, plates, pans, pots, cups, water kettle, strainer, cutboard
- knives, spoons, forks, mugs, and other kitchen stuff
tupperware boxes
1 Italian Coffee Maker
1 camping coffee filter (+some filters)
-1 dishes Basin
- 2 large storage boxes for dishes and food which fit perfectly at the back
- 2 smaller boxes for other things
- barbecue stuff
-2 camping stools
- hatchet
FM stereo transmetter with jack Iphone/mac & Android compatible

-1 French guide « Le Routard » Chili
-1 Lonely Planet in Spanish Argentina and Uruguay
- Roads and Parcs Maps Chile and Argentina



We are selling in Chile (from San Pedro de Atcama to Santiago) starting half-May. The Price we're asking for is € 8800 or CLP 6500000 (currency fees included) or best offers. But we’ll would rather sale to French or European citizen as bank’s transactions are easier between us, however if you are from another part of the World and not afraid of paying (A LOT) of bank’s taxes feel free to contact us :).

If you wish to know more about the vehicle please get in touch!

Wazup :Lucas: +6 60 73 50 78
Farah: +6 67 78 96 73
Chilean number: (+56) 9 6328 0206

Mail :

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