Selling Van Camper Toyota Hiace in Mexico !

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#1 Sun, 05/29/2011 - 17:18

Selling Van Camper Toyota Hiace in Mexico !


We're selling our van in Mexico from now on.

We have finished our trip from Argentina untill Mexico ! The vehicle is in realy good condition !


Toyota Hiace
Year : 1984
Motor : gasoline
Tank : 60l
Kilometers : 255 000 kms
It's a very taff van, we never have had big problems with.
It consumes 10l/100km and there is an extra-tank behind, for 20l gasoline. There are two emergency wheels.

- rainprotection (see photo underneath)
- table and two chairs
- bed for two persons (we changed it, so its not the same as on the photos, it's lot more comfti)
- 2 pillows, sheets and many blankets
- lots of space for storage, clothes, food etc

- gaz-bottle with mini-cooker
- water can for 20l
- all cooking equipment + grill
- solar-shower

- ventilator

- Radio-CD + MP3 adapter
- toolbox
- 2 emergency wheels

- 2 batteris: one for the motor, the other for the light


We wanted to sell it 3000 USD (to discuss).

For more informations, contact us !
Adrien et Beatrice.
More photos on : 

Fri, 06/17/2011 - 11:44

Interested in camper van

Hi Adrien and Beatrice,

I'm interested in buying the vehicle...if it is still available, is there an email adress that I can reach you at, so we can discuss it further? Mine is

Looking forward to hearing from you!