Shipping awareness between the americas

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Shipping awareness between the americas


Chile is requiring (since April 2012) that all vehicles, used machinery, toys, personal effects must be fumigated before entering Chile from the U.S. on imported cargo (ports & airports). The fumigation is performed by private co. at the port or warehouse of loading, 5 days or less before the cargo is shipped. A certificate is provided and should be submitted  to Chilean Customs. If your don't provde such certificate , your vehicle is retained and sent back.

DEpending on the port or city it could cost between $50 and $85. The shiping line must refer  you a fumigation applicator .


RoRo shipments to Zarate, Argentina are temporarily on hold by NYK, MOL due to slowdown import clearance at the port of Zarate.

K-Line is still servicing Zarate but there is an advice of 8 days after arrival delay for docking.

Accesible ports are Montevideo , Uruguay and could be used as bridge to access Argentina


We strongly recommend to fumigate your vehicle before shipping it to the U.S. (Ports of Houston and L.A. and possible Miami)

We have had a case of a Campervan, arriving in Houston using a container and was found a bug or several of them  by Customs. The bug had to be sent to lab in Houston and then D.C, for further analysis, but it was negative. However, it was said by USDA that if the bug was a menace and no pesticide against , the vehicle must be returned to Colombia.

End of story, you could end paying a lot for storage, fees for the inverstigation, hotel, food , airfare, and possible seeing your vehicle returned at your expenses. Be careful with your overland trip and vehicle before is shipped.

Wed, 06/13/2012 - 17:12

If you are shipping to the

If you are shipping to the U.S. using a container, please leave the keys inside the car and doors unlocked for Customs further inspection.

Most of the time, Customs perform XRays to containers but when it comes to vehicles with personal effects, most of the time they want t to do further  inspection. They make the vehicle to be unloaded. not in front of you.

Your vehicle to be safe during transit from port to port. Containers are sealed anyway. It happen that a tourist did not leave the keys and the car was locked. Customs forced the doors to open , broke some handle on a seat and left a mess on the effects trying to finding something. All happens in Houston. Now no one , not Customs , not the shipping line wants to pay a penny to fix the damages.