Meg and Jed

 Meg and Jed drive from USA to Mexico 

Name and age

Meg[ 31] and Jed [33] Wolfrom 

When did you start your travels? 

We left our rental condo in beautiful Jackson, Wyoming on April 1, 2012 

Reason for taking this trip 

We love to travel and explore. There is no way better to open your mind than to see the unknown. We are also avid climbers [and hopefully soon to be surfers] so we like to make travel to different exotic climbing locations a part of our life style. Plus, we wanted to get a big trip in before we were tied down to a house, kids, and all the stuff that comes with living the “American dream”.

Why did you decide to drive?

When we travel its always been our way to drive. We typically do driving vacations around the states, Canada, Mexico and even once to Guatemala and Honduras. About 4 years ago we went to Thailand and Laos and did the typical gringo trail, getting around by bus. It was not our style, the constant searching for hotels, bus schedules and not being able to stop at that awesome view on the side of the road. After that trip we knew we weren’t bus people. We like to be on our own schedule.

When driving yourself you get such better interactions with locals as well. You can really get off the beaten path and are able to see how people really live out there. There is a big difference between interactions with locals in a tourist town and than with locals in “real land”.

Are you also taking along pets?

No pets. The camper is already so sandy just from us that I couldn’t imagine adding a dirty dog to the equation. We left our kitty with some great friends. She defecates immediately when put in a moving vehicle so that was never even an option, but we do miss her! 

What type of car are you driving?

1998 Toyota Tacoma extra cab with a Phoenix pop up camper. 

How did you save up or finance your trip?

Meg and I are both lacking a trust fund so we were forced to save money the old fashioned way, work a lot and spend nothing. We lived in a pretty cheap condo, we didn’t binge drink at the bar and we didn’t have cable or any unnecessary things like that. The “saving lots of money” thing was definitely a new concept for me, but when I actually committed to stuffing the bank account I realized it was quite easy and fun, and we never really went without anything we needed to have a good time.

How long do you plan on traveling?

At least a year, but in all honesty money dictates all. So if we can live cheap and maybe work along the way the sky is the limit.

Where do you plan on driving?

We don’t really have much of a plan but our basic idea is to drive from Wyoming to Ushuia, Argentina and with any luck at all back up to the states. We have a loose itinerary of climbing and surfing destinations but really we are open to ideas and will gather info along the way.

What were your family’s and friends’ reactions when you told them about your trip before you left?

We talked about the trip for 2 years with our family and I guess they really never thought we would actually do it. So when we told them we would be leaving in a couple months they were like you’re doing WHAT? As with most Americans, they only see what is publicized on TV so they hear all the Mexico death talk and are naturally worried for us. However, they have also been very supportive of us, excited to hear about our adventures and hopeful to come meet us somewhere along the road.

Most of our friends are extremely jealous and have threatened to come and visit but we will see!

At some point during the two year of planning, we actually stopped telling people what we were doing because we got tired of hearing everyone’s opinion on the matter. Especially those that had a story about their cousin’s friend’s nephew who had some horrible event happen to him somewhere in Latin America… Just stay in the good old USA where it is safe and keep watching Fox news.

Did you speak Spanish before you left your home country? 

Meg took several Spanish classes in high school and actually remember some of it. I can get around with my 20 or so words of Spanish and some good hand gesturing. We plan on taking a several week course in Guatemala.

Do you have a favorite place or country that you have visited during your trip?

We have only been through Baja and most of mainland Mexico at this point. Between those we definitely prefer mainland. The Southwest of the USA also always blows us away every time we travel through.

What was the weirdest thing you experienced on your trip?

Our rear tire falling off and then passing us as we screeched to a halt on the freeway in southern California. Double check your lug nuts!!

Do you have any advice for others who may be considering driving the Americas?

Take a high clearance vehicle that you can actually find parts for. Save some money and go. Life is short why waste it?

Would you do it again?

in a heart beat

Do you have a blog or a website describing your trip?  

Sun, 08/05/2012 - 21:19

We are loving your stories and now we can relate!

Hello, we are now here in Sayulita, Mexico and have been on the raod for almost a month. Driving from Augusta,Ga thru Mexcio via the pan-am and then into Guatemala, then Belize and back to the states around late October. I remember reading a lot of these travel stories sitting back home in my living room. Now that we are out here, we are finding many of the same experiences and they are quite funny, amusing and some times annoying, but you know that going into this kinda life style. Just wanted to say thanks, happy travels and keep em coming.