Catamaran crossing from Panama to Colombia sinks - July 2

crossing the darien gap

One way to cross the Darien gap between Panama and Colombia is by sailboat.  Depending on the ship and the crew, you can have a really great experience or a particularly harrowing one.  Case in point: a catamaran named Fritz the Cat sailing under an Austrailian flag recently capsized 45 miles from Cartagena and sank, sending five Australians, three Germans, three Americans, two Norwegians, a Panamanian, a Pole and a Dutchman into the Caribbean.  Thankfully everyone was rescued - you can read the full article on El Tiempo online.  Interesting that DTA user dinoevo had recently posted a review of Fritz the Cat noting that the "...boat is already pretty beat up and would need more than just a little bit of TLC."  Hmmm.  DTA roadtrippers - keep the great  information coming about crossing the Darien Gap!