Chevrolet S10 – camper van for SALE in south Chile/Argentina in March 2020

Don Carro – made for comfort, not speed!

Perfect for South American terrain - High clearance, 4x4 and powerful V6 motor!

Fully self-sufficient – More than enough electricity through two powerful solar panels, a strong battery and water tanks for your shower and sink onboard! Power is sufficient for making smoothies, run the fridge, charge the laptop and phones!

No need to dismantle/reassemble anything - kitchen, bed, fridge etc. ready to use every day!

Start your trip on the South Tip before its gets cold here – we have your camper ready!

Wanted!! A camper, van or a 4X4 car -January 2020 in Chile (Santiago)

Hi there,

We are a couple from The Netherlands and currently travelling from Panama to Mexico.
We would like to continue our journey in our own vehicle in South America.

We would like a camper / van / car(4x4) in which we can sleep and cook. We don't have a really high budget, but we are sure we can work something out. 

If you are selling your vehicle in the beginning of January in Santiago, Chile let us know!!!

Our contact details are:
[email protected] or whatsapp +31646138785

For sale: Suzuki Grand Nomade (2003, 4x4 AT, rooftop-tent) from Feb. 2020 in Ecuador/Colombia

Hey there!

As our journey comes to an end soon (around Feb. 2020), we will have to sell our beloved car.
This advertisement is addressed to everybody, who wants to really explore South America off the beaten tracks. Besides it’s a good opportunity to travel from Colombia to Chile without having to return the car to Colombia to sell it again.


Wanted / 4x4 or AWD (after November 14, 2019 / Chile, preferably in Santiago)


Well maintained 4x4 vehicle in good condition, suitable for two travelers. 


* SUV (example - Pajero/Montero, 4 Runner)


* Van (example - Delica/LHD, Astro) 


* Minimalistic camping modifications

* The bed must fit inside the cabin of the vehicle and must be188+cm long. 

Thank you, 


[email protected]

WhatsApp +420-733-155-836 (please, send duplicate to +420-604-536-567) 

FOR SALE: Mitsubishi 4x4 Montero Sport 2003 with ROOFTOP TENT & INSIDE BED in November in Colombia

- Canadian plates: NEITHER WAITING TIME transferring plates NOR HASSLE crossing the borders
- 4x4, high clearance and a strong 3.5 l engine: You’ll make it ANYWHERE
- Rooftop tent & bed inside the car with light sheets and thermal blanket: No matter how the conditions are, you can sleep inside your car!
- 2 gas stoves and a lot of camping equipment: FAST & EASY cooking in any environment
- Super bright LED lights on top of the car: Maximum SAFETY during night trips

FOR SALE: Mitsubishi Delica L300 4x4 - camperized

After travelling in Chile and Argentina for 3 months, we sell our Mitsubishi Delica L300 4x4 for $7000 USD. The van comes fully equipped with matresses, pillows, kitchen, cooking equipment, etc. There is a solar panel on the roof which provides electricity for indoor lights, for charging mobile phones and notebooks. A 55l water tank with an electric pump below the vehicle provides water for showers and dish washing.

4x4 Motorhome Awsome for sale in Chile NOW

Update for Kia expedition Vehicle 4x4 in Chile for sale
Hi Everyone!

Now for Sale reliable and absolutely unique house on  six wheels (4x4)
Many months of general restoration are coming to an end and the ideal vehicle on two axles and six wheels is again available to adventurous travelers throughout South America.
It is a Kia 4x4 with a small expedition body, ideal to enjoy life in any kind of weather, anywhere with a comfortable headroom.

NOW with NEW price for SALE in SANTIAGO: Nissan X-Trail 2010, 143.000km

Hey there! :)

we are selling our beloved Nissan X-Trail 4x4, that was our home for the last 6 months!

Facts about the car:
2010, approx. 143.000km, 4x4, manual, gasoline, fuel consumption 9-10l/100km, all-terrain-tires, roof box for storage, radio&CD player with USB/Bluetooth, air conditioning, permiso de circulacion (road tax) until August 2019, revision tecnica (technical inspection) until January 2020, seguro obligatorio until March 2020

NEW price 5900€ ONO (also possible to pay in dollars / chilean pesos)

Wanted: Camper Truck or Hightop Van in Colombia (or nearby) June 2019.

Supper keen buyers looking for a 4x4 Truck with camper or Van with standing room to cook inside (pop top or hard top extension).  

Currently we're in Medellin Colombia, but will travel for the right option.  Ideally not further than Equador, Peru or Northern Brazil.  

WhatsApp: +61 405 405 952



You need a car to drive through anything.. you got it. This car is just perfect for traveling.