For sale: Nissan Pathfinder 4x4 + rooftop tent, end of March 2018, Santiago.

Hi fellow travelers!

We are Maria and Coen, two travelers from the Netherlands. We are having a great trip through Chile and Argentina, but unfortunately we have to go home again at the end of March 2018 from Santiago and thus sell our vehicle.

We have for sale our very nice and perfect Nissan Pathfinder 4x4 + rooftop tent:

SOLD: Ford Explorer XLT - FEBRUARY-MARCH in Perú, Ecuador or Colombia.

We are selling our Ford Explorer XLT April somewhere around Perú, Ecuador and Colombia

We bought the car in Sept.2017 in Bogotá, Colombia through a dealer (very kind and helpful by the way). We have driven through Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and now Chile. We are planning to end our trip around March. The car drives perfectly in high altitude (we have reached 5.200 mts). No crashes or scratches. When we tell people the car is actually from the 90s, people freak out. It has been really well taken care.

FOR SALE - charming and reliable Chevy Fiesta Van - December 2017 Argentina

Selling, what?  Our wonderful Chevrolet G20 Fiesta Camper Van
When?             In the beginning of December 2017
Where?            Argentina
Who?               A Belgian family with three kids (11 – 9 – 5) traveling  (in a very cosy van) for 6 months through South America

SOLD!! - charming and reliable Chevy Fiesta Van - up to five persons - December 2017 Argentina

Selling, what?  Our wonderful Chevrolet G20 Fiesta Camper Van
When?             In the beginning of December 2017
Where?            Argentina
Who?               A Belgian family with three kids (11 – 9 – 5) traveling for 6 months through South America

Towing a car across borders

Has anyone towed a car across a border yet? 

I have an uruguayan car here in Chile that needs to return to Uruguay before August but it has basically broken down. So we were thinking of towing it with our Ford E-250 van (registered in the U.S.) because it too has to leave the country in the next month.

My fear is that there is some rule against doing this. We will purchase a tow dolly to do it right, but if anyone else has tips or knows of where I can find rules regarding this, I would greatly appreciate it!

RV for 6 people for Sale in Chile or Argentina


We are diriving south through south america with a 2014 Winnebago Itasca Navion 24J (Mercedes chasis) arriving in December 2017 to Chile/Argentina and would like to sell the RV.

The RV ideal for family up to 6 people and very compact. See description:

If you are interested please email [email protected], Tx, Ron

Container Sharing to Seattle, Wa, or Vancouver, BC from Chile/Argentina


Hoping to share a container to Seattle, Wa or Vancouver, BC from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Valparaiso, Chile, or even Lima, Peru!  We don't have a set date yet, but are shooting for late June/early July.  We would love to bring the cost down by sharing and are flexible on dates.  Respond to this post, or email [email protected] 


Anny and Ian

Land Cruiser 2003, in Argentina January 2018

Toyota Land Cruiser 100

4.2 Turbodiesel, manual

Fully loaded

Maggiolina Extreme medium

230'000km by January 2018

Upgraded Old Man Emu suspension

Well maintained

Dent in tailgate

To be sold in January 2018 in Argentina

Switzerland registered

US$ 20'000



Leaving Chile with Chilean car to ALL countries - workaround

Hey guys,

I have discovered a way to leave Chile with your Chilean car to all countries (including Peru). That's the information that I have gathered so far. Please correct me if I'm wrong or forgot some kind of aspect :)

Car FOR SALE // RENT -ONLY 2500$- Subaru Leone 1993, 4x4, in Argentina





FOR SALE // RENT for 3 month to explore fantastic Argentina!

ONLY 2.500 $


You might be wondering about the price? Compared to other sellers, like ours few month ago, we are honest and let you know all the details before you make up your decision. 
We will tell you all the pluses and minuses, here we go: