SOLD 4x4 van with bed

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WANTED: 4x4 or van Ushuaia early Febuary - VEHICLE FOUND



My girlfriend and I are looking to buy a vehicle in Ushuaia to travel South America in February.

The vehicle we are looking for would preferably be a 4x4 van. We could also be possibly interested in non 4x4 vans and ordinary 4x4's. It would be best for us if the vehicle is already set up for an overland trip with a bed inside.

Thanks for looking and we look forward to hearing from anyone,


FOR SALE! 88 Astro Travel Van (DROPPED PRICE $1,000) fully equipped!

So heres the story, or at least it so far.  My brother and I have been traveling with our beloved van for about 6 months now. We have traveled all the way to ushauia, chile and now are making our way north! Found the van on this site. We bought the van from a fellow American drove it down to Chile did a lot of work to the van to prep for the trip.  Three guys who graduated college in Sothern California bought this van at an auction.  It was a grade school van used for field trips, hence the relativley low milage (about 110,000).  Here's the original post.


4WD Nissan Patrol Safari for sale in Buenos Aires

We are selling our Nissan Patrol 4x4 fully equipped and functional for a 2 persons roadtrip, on any type of roads.
All the preparation is visible on our blog and the roads he took.

Already SOLD!!!Sorry!!!Toyota 4Runner,140000 Miles!!,Camper,US plates,in ARG,south Brazil,Uruguay,now till may 2015

Hello travellers!

We, a German couple, are looking for new travel mates for our 4Runner. He has been a great, comfy and reliable host during our wonderful 4-month roadtrip through Argentina/Chile. The Car has a robust chassis, a strong and reliable drivetrain, a comfy bed and lots of space for a kitchen and all our camping gear and travel stuff. Besides fixing one flat tire, he has never let us down!

'97 Toyota 4Runner for sale [July/August - BA, Argentina]


[email protected]

For Sale: Our '97 Toyota 4Runner [4x4], Sweetcakes. [name non-negotiable. "Not Really". - Ike. "Really." - Bethany]

When: 31-Jul-15 [ish]

Where: Buenos Aires [flexible]

Price: $8000 [or best offer; all serious inquires considered :)]

**WANTED** 4x4/Campervan in Chile/Argentina/Peru early March 2015!!!

Hello all,

So I am planning a road trip to South America beginning of March 2015 with my girlfriend. At the moment we are planning flying to Santiago, Chile and from there hope to find a wonderful van/car to make our home for the next 4 months as we adventure around. 

FOR SALE: 4WD Mitsubishi Montero all terrain campervan in Argentina

It is a 1991 Mitsubishi Montero with gasoline engine, manual transmission 5 speed. The vehicle is up to date!
It is prepared as a camper van for 2 people. This car is for you if you want to live comfortably on the road, and still have a lot of the advantages of driving in a 4WD car. Because it's comfortable, you will save on hotels which in many amazing places do not exist.

We drive the car since 5 years! The car has been a fantastic asset for highway and off-road driving and is very reliable. We are selling it because we are looking for a baby so it will be small for us.