Offered: Motorhome Storage, Camping, Logistics, and Vehicle Selling help in Buenos Aires


In addition to renting our fleet of Mercedes Benz Sprinter motorhomes we have been providing additional services to international visitors for over ten years. We can be of help if you are looking for a safe, quiet, and convenient place to camp while staying in Buenos Aires with your camper, and/or if you need to store a vehicle in Buenos Aires for a short or long period. We have stored all sorts and sizes of overland vehciles, from motorcycles to a 6x6 MAN truck currently sitting in our premises.

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We offer our home to Americans Drivers passing through the Argentina Center Region

Hi friends, First Sorry for my english

We are CheToba Family (See our profile in

We return to our home in Argentina Center (Villa María, Córdoba, Argentina) after join our city driving America from here to San Francisco, California and after crossing EEUU to Miami where put our Ford Ranger into a Ship and we take a plane.

Hi friends, First Sorry for my english

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Ship a Motor home 32 feets from Buenos Aires or Santiago de Chile to Quebec

Hi everyone,

I´m looking for a company to ship back my motor home (32 feets) from Argentina or Chile to Quebec.

Is there someone who knows a good company at the best price to ship it in May 2012?

thanks for yours advices

Luc Saint Bonnet

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If your trip is over and you're in Argentina, I want your car!!

We were thinking of maybe driving north instead of south. Is anyone going to finish their trip anywhere in Argentina or Chile in the next 3 weeks?? If so, please send me your info or email me at [email protected] with information about the car, how many miles, how long was your trip, did the car have any problems, how much you want for the car, what modifications you made etc..

If there is no one we will leave from California in 2 weeks, so email us quick!!


Aloha, Daniela 

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Volkswagen Vanagon Style Westfalia 1993 for Sale in Argentina/Chile in 05/2012 or later

Hi Everybody,

we have been travelling with our 1993, Transporter/Vanagon Westfalia Equipped popup Camper for 12 Months through the Americas.

The Car has a 1.9TD Turbo Diesel Engine with 50KW and app. 299Tkm in Chile/Argentina. Whenever something had to be fixed, we fixed it. In Mexico the Axles have been changed as a preemtive measure. The Clutch is 55Tkm old. Tires 56Tkm and still really good.

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Where to leave our truck in uruguay or Argentina for more than 6 months ?

Hello everyone.

We are returning home for more than 6 months and are looking for a safe place to leave our truck in Uruguay or Argentina.

We are actually in Mendoza and our plane leaves in two weeks in Buenos Aires. If anyone knows of a safe place near Mendoza, Buenos Aires or in Uruguay not too far from Buenos Aires, your help would be really appreciated.

The perfect place would be a guarded place like a camping or a private home, that would charge something like 30$US per month for parking the car.

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For Sale: 2000 Jeep Wranger in Argentina, Canadian plates + TONS of extras

For Sale: 2000 Jeep Wrangler 4-cyl

Amazing overland vehicle perfect for one or two people.


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