FORD ECONOLINE 2001 (Camper Van)

  • CAMPER VAN (Hand made)
  • Gasoline, V6, Automatic Transmission
  • Mileage: 380,000 (which seems like a lot, but the engine still powerful (not motor problems) and we have meticulous service records)
  • Fuel consumption approximately 10L/100Km
  • Tired almost new ( 10.000 km used)


[Found] Looking to buy a van in Chili from Mid March/April 2017.


We are Sarah and Jérôme, a french couple who is spending a year in South America. Currently we are in Argentina and we are looking to buy a van in Chili, ideally fully equipped, from the second week of March/April 2017.

Contact us if you want !

Whatsapp : +33 6 471 44 471

Mail : [email protected]

Looking to Buy a Van in Medellin (Beginning of April)


     I'm traveling to medellin on april 4th and i'm looking to buy a van. It needs to have enough space so I can sleep in it (I'm 6'4), and preferably 4x4 but not necessary. I'm looking to spend around 2-3000 USD. Lemme know what you got! 


[email protected]


* * FOR SALE * * Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Camper 4x4 Automatic 5300€ - GLP/LPG - Medellin, Colombia, NOW!!!

Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 5.2 V8 4x4 Automatic 1996 (LPG/GLP - gas liquado) for sale in Colombia (Medellin or any other city) - EU plates. With included insurance for South America for 3 months. We prepare are legal documents - can be sold to anyone.

5,200cc engine, petrol and LPG (gas liquado vehicular/GLP) - the price of petrol is cut down for 2/3 with LPG!!!

FINAL PRICE! Amazing 4x4 VW Touareg V8 for SALE in Uruguay or Brasil!

Hi travelers,

After a year traveling through Central and South America, we are selling our 4x4 VW Touareg 2.

The car is super reliable, in EXCELLENT conditions and has given us incredible comfort and power.

It has 130,000 miles and runs like new! Californian plates.

We are asking USD 12,000.

Don't hesitate to reach us if you are interested: [email protected]

Safe travels!

Lulo & Allie

WANTED: Van or 4x4 in Colombia. From January 2017.

Hi guys!

Me and my wife would like to begin our trip in northern part of South America best would be Colombia or Venezuela. Trip around the whole South America with a clockwise direction :)

We would like to buy a van with enough place for sleeping and existing and obviously quite economic, eventually it can be a 4x4 vehicle.

Ofc the hippie VW would be the best :) but I think its quite hard to get it.

Any leads would be helpful and we will consider all vehicles.

Thanks in advance and best regards!

WANTED, van/camper-van south Chile NOW! (November 2016)

Hi there!, 

We are a Catalan couple willing to drive the Americas from the south of Chile, where we already are!!

Our idea would be to be able to start getting direct contact with the chosen van ASAP. For this reason we are open to offers and 100% available to meet you and check your offered vehicles. If you know about something we might be interested in, please, let us know. Feel free to contact us directly through our email: [email protected]

Thanks so much!



WANTED: VAN (VW T2 or alike) in Chile or Peru in AUGUST/SEPTEMBER

Fellow travellers -- We are a Belgian-German couple looking to buy a camper van in AUGUST/SEPTEMBER in PERU or CHILE. We would love to buy a Volkswagen Combi T2 (original old version or newly manufactured in Brazil) and therefore any offer for a decent VW Combi without breaking the bank would be greatly appreciated!

Equally welcome is of course any suggestion or insight where to find a T2, or another similar camper van, in the said countries. Feel free to reply in the forum or to shoot us directly an email to [email protected]