Buying chilenean van in limited area

We are looking the possibilities to buy a van in chile punta arenas area but some people said that after buy it there it's difficult to travel chile because of the matriculation. Someone bought it there and know how it is?


thanks a lot!

good trip!

Buying a car in USA

Hi friends, so now our plan its start looking for vans to buy in California to start the trip from there heading south. Witch is the good sites or forums to look for vans there? 


Thanks a lot


WANTED: to buy camper in Santiago, late July 2016


My boyfriend and I will be arriving in Santiago on the 24th of July to begin our South American overlanding trip. We are looking to purchase a car/van in or near Santiago as soon as possible. If anybody already knows they will be selling their vehicle around this time please contact us! Looking to spend around US$6000.

[email protected]

Thank you!

WANTED - end November 4x4 in or around the Santiago area

Hi all,

just like some other people, we are searching for a reliable 4x4 with Chilean plates that could take us all the way south. We arrive in Santiago 21th of November, but are willing to shift a bit in time and place when convenient.

We are Sabine and Reinout, a Dutch couple planning our dream voyage, and looking forward to get in touch with you at [email protected]

cheers, Reinout


New guide to buying a car in Chile -- 2015 update

Hello folks, I bought a car through the forums here and have written a step by step guide on the paperwork process which I hope you may find helpful.


It can be viewed on my site:!2015-buy-a-car-in-chile/c1kma


Cheers all

WANTED in Santiago-Chile right NOW!

Hola people, 


We are looking to buy car in Santiago this days, our range is 3000USD to 5000USD.


Preferend Chilian Plates and RUV or Van.  




Already SOLD!!!Sorry!!!Toyota 4Runner,140000 Miles!!,Camper,US plates,in ARG,south Brazil,Uruguay,now till may 2015

Hello travellers!

We, a German couple, are looking for new travel mates for our 4Runner. He has been a great, comfy and reliable host during our wonderful 4-month roadtrip through Argentina/Chile. The Car has a robust chassis, a strong and reliable drivetrain, a comfy bed and lots of space for a kitchen and all our camping gear and travel stuff. Besides fixing one flat tire, he has never let us down!

Wanted. Ready to go 4x4 / Camper / Van in Central America


We are just starting our travels through CA and SA and would like to buy a fully kitted vehicle to get us round CA and SA.

We are in Guatemala atm but could travel if necessary and would like something from now to three weeks at the latest.

All price ranges considered

You can email me direct on [email protected]




Buy a car in Mexico



We are backpacking in Central-Am (, and tried to buy a

car in Mexico but no luck as we can't put it in our name without the FM3..

Do you know any other country where this is possible? Like Belize where we

are going now, what are their rules?

And my other questions is: if you do buy that car here, can we then take it

up to Canada eventually?

Thanks for helping!



MID JAN 2012 - Looking for a VAN

Hey guys,

I am searching for a wee little reliable Van I can call home whilst travelling South America. I will be in Argentina but am happy to discuss pick up in a different country. If you have or know of anything I may be interested shoot me an email at delacruz.sara at!!

Look forward to hearing from you!