4SALE 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan with rear bed in Arizona

Hi! We are a couple from Spain that spent some months around Arizona/California, and now we have to say goodbye to our beloved minivan.

The car is in very good condition. We made a foldable bed with plywood, it is something very simple (we have already sold the mattress). We thought that maybe here there is someone interested in it. So here is the link to see some pictures and the description:




The car:

• Year car 2001 FORD ECONOLINE

• Gasoline, V6, Automatic Transmission
• Mileage: 380,000 (which seems like a lot, but come look at how awesome the engine still is, and we have meticulous service records)
• Fuel consumption approximately 10L/100Km

•Automatic gear (Parking - Rear - Neutral - Drive - 2 - 1)

• tired almost new ( 10.000 km used)


• King size bed with blankets and covers.

Bushwakka Bhoma Off-Road Caravan for sale / Ecuador, Peru or Chile

We are a family of 7 travelling South Amerika with our Defender 110 and our Bushwakka Bhoma Off-Road trailer and a big Howling Moon roof-top tent. We started our magical journey in June 2016 and will end our trip somwhere April-June 2017 as our kids need to attend school again.... one year drop-out from school is the max possible.

Travel Buddies wanted from Brownsville, Texas to Panama

 Looking for Travel Buddies from Brownsville, Texas to Panama. We plan on being in Brownsville Jan. 1 or 2 and are taking the more Southern route through El Salvador to avoid most of Honduras. We are a Canadian couple in our fifties and would feel safer in numbers. Won't you join us?

[email protected]

Sweet Camper van for sale in El Salvador

1997 Chrysler Town & Country LXi Van. Travel and camping ready. I'm in El Salvador and will be leaving early March. It's a top of the line van with 130k. In excellent condition, everything works, comes complete with bed, pillows, sheets, comforter, tinted windows, camping stove, pots, pans, cooler, porta potty, shower bag, fishing rod, camp chairs, 6' tent, etc.  It has new tiers, new brakes. Can send more photos if your interested. [email protected]. Email me if interested and I'll give you my phone number down here. Thanks for looking. 

Anyone towed a caravan/rv trailer round South America?


we're considering buying a car and towing a caravan/rv trailer behind to travel around South America. Looking for advice from anyone else who has done this eg security, going into cities, where to leave it when you don,t want to use it for a few days, road surfaces, countries where it's more difficult? All and any advice welcome. 


Many thanks, Gill, Danny and the kids

Looking for a vehicle in Nicaragua/Costa Rica/Panama!


We are a couple, currently in South Nicaragua. We're looking for a vehicle, ideally with CA plates, that is good for off-roading and to sleep in. If we manage to find a car in Central America we'd travel up to the US. Definitely open to taking a car and transforming the inside if we find a good one. Good gas mileage is a must. Anybody?


selling our RV in Costa Rica

As we now approach the end of our wonderfull 4 months trip in central america, we say goodbye (and thank you!) to our faithful friend, a 27 ft, class c, 1989 Ford jambory, California registered, runs great, packed with everything that a travelling family can dream of and ALL in perfect working condition!

So if you´re planning to travel from Costa Rica (or Panama), this might be the perfect thing for you!!!

We´ll be in Costa Rica 'till the end of december 2011.

contact us for more info\pics - [email protected]

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