WANTED - 4wd Car in Columbia in January 2020

We are looking to travel through South America from January 2020 and would like a car that will last to Brasil. We are flexible about price, but would like the car to be max €1,500.

Please contact [email protected].

Thank you! xxx

Container sharing Columbia -> Asia asap

As shipping to Panama is as expensive as any other port of the world we want some different cultural experience at Asia. We want to share a container as soon as possible.

For Sale: 2800€ Fiat Fiorino 2013 van in Columbia

After 18 months travel through South America we have to give away our small mobile home - sadly, it's great. The main advantage of this small cargo van is space to live at. It is equipped with a big sleeping surface (~180x140) for 2 persons up to ~2m tall, that gave us the freedom to stay where we like to be (national parks, beaches...) and cut of travel costs about 50% by saving most accommodation costs. The car itself is only 5 year old (~150000km) and needs economically 7-8 liter fuel per 100km.

Driving without the owner of the car present

I am currently travelling in Columbia with 2 friends. The car we are driving was bought in Chile. When the car was purchased all the paperwork had to be put under one of our names (naturally).

The friend who legally owns the car has now gone a seperate way, leaving me and my friend with the car. Columbia roads are full of police stops and I am nervous about how they might react to our situation.

Can anyone please advise?

Sharing Container Cartagena, Colombia –> Colon, Panama

Is anyone interested in sharing a container from Cartagena, Colombia –> Colon, Panama during mid-July? My family and I will be traveling from São Paulo, Brazil to Edmonton, Canada for the months of June-August. Due to the geographic impediment of the Darien Gap, we are looking to ship our vehicle (Suzuki Vitara 1994) from Cartagena, Colombia to Colon, Panama.

We plan to arrive in the northern region of Colombia- near Cartagena- around the 10th of July.

If by any chance you are interested in sharing the container for the endeavor, please do get in touch.

Container Shipping; Veracruz MX to Cartegena CO

Hey everybody,


My wife and I are looking to ship our pickup and camper via 40' High top from Mexico to Columbia in early September.

We're having some trouble finding a shipper. We're trying to avoid RORO for security concerns.

Has anyone shipped this route or have information on agents/shippers who can provice us the service? How about shipping buddies?




For Sale : 4WD Camper Mitsubishi Montero 2003 in Columbia February/March 2017

After a 6 mounths trip, we plan to sell our truck in Columbia in February or March. The vehicule is in perfect conditions and all equiped to travel and sleep in it. 

Do not hesitate to contact us for any detail : mail

Price : 4 500 €

Some pictures : here

All the details below : 

Wanted - Fully Equiped 4WD in Columbia (Mid June or July 2016)


We are an Australian couple currently in Nicaragua. We are planning on landing in Columbia by mid June / early July but will be flexible re timing and pick up location for the right vehicle. We would prefer a walk in / walk out arrangement but happy to add things to the vehicle as required (depending on the vehicle / price). Our wish list is as follows:

Sold Sold Sold 4wd camper van .Chile end of June, Peru July-September or Columbia October-November

Im looking to sell my Mitsubishi Delica 4WD Campervan. I currently have pretty flexible travel plans so was looking to sell it at some point along the way. I will be in Chile until the end of June so looking to sell it here sometime before then. Otherwise I will be looking to sell it in Peru from July-September or in Columbia from October-November. It had two full inspections before I bought the car the first was done on the 24th March by the couple selling the car and I did one on the 18th of April when I was buying the car.

4WD Van MITSUBISHI DELICA with bed - Peru, Colombia or around

General information
Mitsubishi Delica 2800 turbodiesel intercooler
4WD with extra low gear and differential lock
Building year: 1996
Automatic gearbox
Right hand drive
ODO: 235 000 km