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Container Sharing from Panama to Cartagena in the vessel that sails on 13th and arrive on 14th

HI! anyone wants to share a container for this week...i have a client who needs a partner, each one pay 1015.00 USD including all costs from Panama and Cartagena. Please let me know ASAP due to the 10th is holiday. and the last day for loading is on wednesday.


My email [email protected]


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Share care container from Panama to Columbia (cartagena)

Hi everyone,

We are now in nicaragua on our way down to Panama where we will have to ship our car (Dodge Gran Caravan  15 feet approx) to Cartagena in Columbia

We are going to start looking for different shipping options/companies but wanted to know if there is anyone who wants to ship there car in about 2 weeks time (last week of october/first week of November)

We can flexible on dates to a certain extend :).

Please give us a shout if you are interested.





[updated] Looking to share container from Costa Rica or Panama to Colombia or Ecuador, October or November 2015

The shipping date could be anytime between October 25 and November 15. Please contact me if you're interested. My truck is 18' long, so there would be space for another vehicle of up to 21' in length. Thanks! [email protected] (Daniel)

UPDATED: shipping information California to either Colombia or Ecuador

UPDATE: I contacted eight different companies. Five of them actually responded. One quoted me $5,000; one said shipping car to Ecuador was illegal (which is false); one could only ship to Cartagena and not to the Pacific coast; one retracted their quote after realizing that their route had in fact changed. The fifth agent --Stephen Aron-- was the only one who was both knowledgeable and helpful. However, it turned out that it would take 26 days from CA to Ecuador given loading cut-offs and customs formalities, which is simply too long. So I'll drive instead.

Shipping Vehicles from Panama to Colombia

We offer our service for shipping from Colon to Cartagena in Container( the securest way for do this).

*you dont have to leave the keys to a strangers

*you drive the vehicle into the container

*the container is closed in your presence in the port at Colon.... then will be open in your presence at Cartagena.

*dont need to worry for your personal stuff been stolen.


Panama Side:
1 vehicle in a 20 STD container: 1050.00 USD
2 vehicles in a 40HQ container: 1300.00 USD each vehicle pay 650.00 USD

Share shipping with two Canadians from Colon to Cartagena for mid November 2012


We are two Canadians road tripping down from the Arctic Circle looking to ship our Isuzu trooper from Panama to Colombia. Check out our blog We have flexible dates, but do need to spread the financial burden of shipping. We have a decent handle on Spanish, and are willing to take on the challenge of arranging the trip. Please send us a message, or respond to the thread if you are interested! Motorcycles welcome too.

-Susie and Paul

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Container Share: Panama to US (California) April/Early May 2011

Hi All,

We're looking for someone to share a container from Panama (likely Panama City) to California (likely LA) anytime from the beginning of April through the first week in May. We're in the process of getting quotes and just want to fill it. A truck, motorcycles, moving stuff, any (legal) thing. Could pretty much leave anytime.

Lemme know!



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