Shipping Advice from LA to Colombia / Ecuador

We are researching to ship our van from LA to Colombia or Ecuador for an arrival early April this year.

I can read a lot about companies shipping containers from Central to South America, but I have a hard time finding reliable companies that will ship our van in a container starting from LA. We are flexible and would like the van to arrive in Colombia / Ecuador or Peru.

Do you have any experience on this route that you would be so kind to share with us?

Thank you!


Container Sharing 5th of August 2016 from Cartagena (columbia) to Colon (Panama)

We are looking for someone to share the big container with us on 5 th of August from Columbia to Panama!

Please contact us at [email protected] if you are interested :)

Container sharing Colon to Cartagena

Hi fellow overlanders,

We are looking for a container mate for our Suzi XL7. Ideally, we would like to leave Colon during the first week of July.

Is there anyone looking to share a container in that period?

Happy travels,

Wim & Didem

Shipping container from Panama to Colombia Jan 2016

Hey there, 

I'm interested in sharing a conainer from Colon Panama to Cartagena Colombia around January 18, 2016. Let me know if you're interested in sharing a container. My email is [email protected]



South America shipping partner request: Florida to Montevideo Dec 2015 - Cheap 40ft

Since the ferry is not working, we are looking for a shipping partner to South America before Dakar 2016:

Freight Forwarder for US->Argentina Container Shipment / Container Sharing

All, just starting the shipping portion planning stage of my trip.  Hope to ship my Land Cruiser down to South America and spend about 6 months touring patagonia, etc.  From intial research seems that going on the atlantic side is typically the more common route so was thinking Houston to Buenos Aires.  (I'd drive the car down from Denver to Houston). 

Anybody have a recomendation on a freight forwarder?  Or by chance already in the process of getting something set up and want to share a container?  My leave date is fairly flexible, hopefully sometime between August 1st and 31st?

Looking to share a contrainer PAN -> COL 2nd/3rd/4th week of February

I am trying to make it to Baranquilla in time for Carnaval at the start of March. So with that in mind I am making my way to Panama at the present moment (I will be crossing in to Honduras tomorrow).

If you are interested in sharing a container shoot me an email at [email protected]


Panama to Colombia Container Sharing

Hi, I'm crossing with my motorcycle to Colombia before December 20th, 2013, and am looking for people interested in sharing a container. Hit me up at onetwistedpoet (at) gmail dot com.

Central America in the rainy season / container share Panama

Dear Travelers,

We are a German couple travelling through Mexico at the moment and will enter Belize within the next two weeks. Is anybody else travelling through central America in this time of the year? If yes, we could share info about road conditions and accommodation or meet personally during the trip.
We are as well looking for a container partner from Colon to Cartagena end of September /beginning of October

Looking forward to your reply!

Armin and Tanja