Colon-Cartagena shared container [SEPT 2013]


Hi there, fellow roadtrippers,

We are looking for another car (or bikes) to share a shipping container (20 or 40 ft., we'll see) from Colon, Panama to Cartagena, Colombia.

We expect to be in Panama sometime around September 2013.

If you're darien-gapping southbound around that date, please contact us:

contacto [at] poloalsur [dot] com

Share container Panamá to Colombia 2nd week March

Hi all,

We want to ship our car on March 10th, starting paperwork in Panamá city around the 5th, and willing to share a container (have talked to Seaboard and Barwill). The cost on the Panama side should be about 900 USD per car.

Please reply to this post or contact me directly for coordination!


Panama to Colombia (Sharing Container in early-mid March) Posted Feb 27th

We are looking to ship our car from Panama to Colombia in the next couple weeks.  We are currently in Costa Rica and should be in Panama in the next couple days.  We dont know how long we will be in Panama, but probably a week or two.  The time frame could be modified to work with another persons schedule.

We would prefer to find someone to share a container with us...and to share the headache of the process.

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