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2005 Freightliner (Mercedes) Sprinter Van - USD$12,000 - Santiago, Chile

Our Sprinter van is available for sale in Santiago.

Main benefits: It’s big enough for a couple or small family, and small enough to fit in the narrow streets of colonial towns. You can stand up inside, sit up to four people with seatbelts (five or six without), and boondock in the streets without being too obvious. You can cook inside when it's windy or raining. It also fits nicely into a highcube shipping container once everything is off the roof. And we’ve been averaging 21mpg so far. 

For Sale: 4x4 1999 Mitsubishi Nativa

we are selling our 4x4 1999 Mitsubishi Nativa which is in a GREAT condition and equipped with many additions for a great travel. the car has Panamanian plate and the ownership transfer is very easy and simple.

the car includes a family tent, chest cooler, AC converter, great stereo system, vehicle gear, we added a rear "cage" that securely holds the cooler and additional food box and more!!!

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2 Adults, 5 Kids, Alaska to Argentina, Every Country in North and South America

Our family of seven left Alaska in April 2011 in our modified Ford F250 that's been converted to run on vegetable oil. We'll drive to Ushuaia Argentina, visiting every country in North and South America. We expect to take 2-3 years for this trip.

We'll be crossing into Mexico this month (Oct 2011) through Texas.

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