For Sale Off Road Mini Bus / Casa Rodante Central America

We are an American couple, we drove our Ford E450 Diesel minibus with offroad tires and California plates throughout Baja, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nica, Costa, and Panama for 1 full year in June. We have to get back home and are planning on selling this month (May). It is the most perfect, beautiful home you will ever see with a full kitchen, big bed, solar panels, wood floors and plenty of storage. Plus the engine is working great, well maintained and super strong! We've never had problems aside from a tire blow out on a gnarly road in Baja, MX.

For Sale / Dodge Grand Caravan (3.3l V6)

Hi there!

We want to sell our Dodge Grand Caravan 3.3l V6 Campervan after we drove down in a year from Halifax CA to Guatemala.

The car has Plates from Halifax CA. They are valid till XX 2018.

The Car is a Dodge Grand Caravan 3.3 l 6 Cyl. Year 2007.
The car is fully equiped to camp for three people.

Best Route Through Honduras

Short version: I suppose I'm asking for any advice on the best route through Honduras from Guatemala to Nicaragua. Any roads/towns/etc. to avoid? Any to seek out?

Long version: Hello everyone, my girlfriend and I have been overlanding south from Vancouver Island for just over 2 months. We're currently in the Yucatan, planning to cross into Belize in the next few days, and then into Guatemala about a week after that. After spending about two weeks in Guatemala, we want to book it through Hondruas to get to Nicaragua for Xmas.

FOR SALE -- 1998 Ford Explorer / USA title -- Dec'16 or Jan'17 in SOUTH MEXICO / GUATEMALEA / HONDURAS

Hey guys,

We are on a roadtrip from Atlanta (USA) to Honduras. Started the trip in Sep 2016 and are planning to be done in Jan 2017. 

For this purpose we bought our neighbours 1998 Ford Explorer (he was the first owner and a car enthusiast, hence the car was/is in perfect shape) in Sep 2016. 

For sale in Guatemala -1976 Dodge Tradesman Camper sleeps 4

We are currently in Xela looking to sell our home on wheels

It sleeps four comfortably and the entire inside has been painted and revamped for organization. 

We will be selling it fully equipped with kitchen supplies, sheets and pillow and pretty much everything you'd need to hop in and go!

Id also like to point out that we have recently put brand new tires on so you won't have any problems with them. All maintenance records are in the van as well. Although she is old....she's got many more years/miles left on her. 


Safety in Central America

I wanted to post our experience of traveling from Costa Rica to Guatemala last Monday – Wednesday (July 6-8) in a car with Costa Rican plates.  We traveled with two pets.  The pets were no issue whatsoever, all quickly stamped their entry. Our route was the primary one following the Panamerican Highway with the exception of San Salvador, where we followed CA-02 that follows the coast and leaves the country at Hachadura, where you cross into Guatemala. 

WANTED: Car in Central America (June or July)

Hi all, 

I am searching a car in Central America (Mexico close to guatemala works too) around June/July. The best thing would be a 4x4 but it doesnt have too. 

I am arriving in Guatemala at the 8.June. 

Feel free to contact me: [email protected]

Thank you! 

WANTED MiniVan around Guatemala (March/April)

Looking to buy a MiniVan in and around Guatemala this March/April.

We are interested in a Toyota Hiace or similar (Hyundai Grace) from around the '90's, maybe early '00's if the price is right. Ready to go camper or used collectivo with good engine, looks are not important.

Contact us if you think you have a deal that just can't be missed.

(Please allow a couple of days for a reply because internet is not always available.)

WANTED- mini van or camper in Central America


im travelling through from Guatemala to Nicaragua in the next few months and am looking to buy a small camper van (preferably in Guatemala) but am able to travel to El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua or Costa rica. If anyone is looking to sell please contact me [email protected]

Thank you!!