UPDATED: shipping information California to either Colombia or Ecuador

UPDATE: I contacted eight different companies. Five of them actually responded. One quoted me $5,000; one said shipping car to Ecuador was illegal (which is false); one could only ship to Cartagena and not to the Pacific coast; one retracted their quote after realizing that their route had in fact changed. The fifth agent --Stephen Aron-- was the only one who was both knowledgeable and helpful. However, it turned out that it would take 26 days from CA to Ecuador given loading cut-offs and customs formalities, which is simply too long. So I'll drive instead.

Shipping RORO from Ecuador across the Darien Gap


we have a vehicle that is too high for shipping on container and we would want to ship it across the Dairen Gap (northbound) to Central America from Ecuador.

We've heard that NYK Lines ship RORO in the other direction (Panama MIT - Guayaquil, Ecuador), but we haven't been able to get information regarding shipping on the other direction or managed to contact them.

Does anyone have any information about this or have the contact details of the person we should talk to?

Many thanks in advance

Recommendations for Agencia Aduanera in Guayaquil? (Or general shipping tips into this port?)

We're shipping our camper van RORO into Guayaquil and are wondering if anyone has tips on using a agencia aduanera? Can you recommend one or give general tips? Is there anything I can go ahead of time to expidite the process and minimize how long we have to habg out in Gauayaquil? 

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