Best Route Through Honduras

Short version: I suppose I'm asking for any advice on the best route through Honduras from Guatemala to Nicaragua. Any roads/towns/etc. to avoid? Any to seek out?

Long version: Hello everyone, my girlfriend and I have been overlanding south from Vancouver Island for just over 2 months. We're currently in the Yucatan, planning to cross into Belize in the next few days, and then into Guatemala about a week after that. After spending about two weeks in Guatemala, we want to book it through Hondruas to get to Nicaragua for Xmas.

Help needed in Santiago for our RUT application

Dear fellow travelers,

We are hoping someone (a Chilean resident) is able to help us with our RUT application.

We are a Dutch couple and arrived yesterday (sunday) in Santiago and got the paperwork at the SII office this morning. Unfortunately our co residents and the staff at our hostel will not help us.

If someone would be so kind to get our "show on the road" we will be very gratefull! And we will of course compensate you for the trouble.

Many thanks in advance!

Selling in Nicaragua

Does anyone have experience selling a vehicle in Nicaragua, I am unsure what is required and how long it takes. 

Cheers any help would be much appreciated.

Need an experienced bilingal driver from San Diego to Costa Rica

I am moving down to Costa Rica and bought a white 1999 Freightliner FL70 to use as a moving box van and filled it with my family's household goods and now need someone to accompany me who knows the route and can help me with driving. I will be going from Seattle down through California next week and welcome any advise or help. Thanks!


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Selling a Car in Panama City

I'm currently in Panama City and want to sell my Jeep fter driving it form LA, has anyone done this?

Any tips or advice on how to go about?

and what needs to be done first e.g. customs then register?



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