For Sale Off Road Mini Bus / Casa Rodante Central America

We are an American couple, we drove our Ford E450 Diesel minibus with offroad tires and California plates throughout Baja, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nica, Costa, and Panama for 1 full year in June. We have to get back home and are planning on selling this month (May). It is the most perfect, beautiful home you will ever see with a full kitchen, big bed, solar panels, wood floors and plenty of storage. Plus the engine is working great, well maintained and super strong! We've never had problems aside from a tire blow out on a gnarly road in Baja, MX.

SOLD: 2004 Nissan Pathfinder, Santiago, Chile July 2016

Although we luckily still have a couple of months left, we sadly have to be realistic and think about who will take care of our beloved Muma (short for Muchacho Malo) once we leave. He really has been a tough boy so far (hence the name). He took us over the Carretera Austral all the way until Ushuaia and back up until Bariloche, without such thing as a flat tyre. He allows us to go and sleep everywhere we want, being sandy dunes or muddy roads, Muma doesn’t care. Since we sleep in the car and don’t have a rooftent/roof box, it is not so obvious that we are tourists.

'97 Toyota 4Runner for sale [July/August - BA, Argentina]


[email protected]

For Sale: Our '97 Toyota 4Runner [4x4], Sweetcakes. [name non-negotiable. "Not Really". - Ike. "Really." - Bethany]

When: 31-Jul-15 [ish]

Where: Buenos Aires [flexible]

Price: $8000 [or best offer; all serious inquires considered :)]


Who & Where We are: 

We are a couple of creatives currently living in Buenos Aires, planning a roadtrip to blaze a trail of oobeedoo :) Making art and getting to know communities across the continent :) Our mechanic lives (convienently) on our street in San Telmo. So if you pass through Bs.As. and want to sell your car, email us and pop in for a cup of tea. And if we decide to adopt your car we can even offer a bed while we are dealing with the papers :) 

What we are ideally looking for:

VW Kombi Camper for sale in Santiago in July 2013


We are a German couple and with pain in our hart we will sell our Kombi that was our home for the last 6 months. It's a 1992 (15 window) Brasilian made Volkswagen T2 van (Kombi, as they call it here in South America), converted into a camper. This is a classic style vehicle which is old but high quality and extremely sturdy!

Looking for somebody to share a Container fron Panama to Colombia

Hi my name is francisco and we my friends an me are looking for somebody to share a container from panama to colombia, we are in Costa rica by the moment. we are driving an RV which sizes are long 30.84ft,11.15 tall
9.51 wide... its quite big.. so im not sure if theres container with these sizes. my email is [email protected] thank you very much

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