FOR SALE: Sprinter Camper - 2007 Winnebago View RV (upgraded)

FOR SALE in Chile, Argentina or Uruguay in fall 2016: Sprinter Camper - 2007 Winnebago View RV (upgraded)
~62,000miles, USD35,000.--

MUST SELL BY MAY 25 2016 DODGE RAM 2500 YEAR 2000, 147,000 miles, Valparaiso, Chile

After spending 8 months with this beautiful beast of a car, I am ready for the next trip in my journey. This time, I will be leaving Chile to return to my homeland (Australia) and then onwards to California (where the car comes from originally). I purchased the car off some good friends who traveled from Caliornia to Chile and I maintained it in great shape in Viña del Mar where I live and took it for a few months to the south of Chile. I happen to be a mechanical engineer so I have revised the car's condition frequently and drove responsibily.

SOLD. motorhome/campervan for sale in Chile/Argentina April/May/June


Hello all,

We are a couple from Lithuania and we are selling our camper van/motorhome that we bought in Santiago in January, 2016. We planned to travel with it across South America but our plans have changed and we decided to sell it. We are in Punta Arenas now and we'd like to sell it in about a month or two and leave to Europe from Buenos Aires. The sale could happen somewhere in between. As we bought it in Chile, we know the local procedures. As for Argentina, you would need to find out yourself.

FOR SALE! Mercedes Sprinter 2001; 120000km, completely isolated, bulletsafe windows ( former german police van)

We sell our epic sprinter van (former police car) about the end of July 2016 and beginning of August around Santiago de Chile (or elsewhere). Very reliable car with just one minor problem (auxiliary belt broken) on the first 10.000km of our trip. Easy but functional camper van installations, big suite, solid table, big bed. Few electric installations. Details below. Asking price 14.000€.

Pics and vids on: and

Mercedes Sprinter Motorhome for SALE!

For sale 2005 Mercedes Sprinter 308 2.2 CDI with full camper conversion. Mercedes Sprinters are the workhorse van for most tour bus operators in Chile, Peru and Argentina because of their reliability and economy. The van is amazingly efficient, it's a 2.2l CDI which can eke out up to 1000kms on a 75l tank of diesel when cruising highways. In Chile you'll pay~50,000 Chilean Pesos (~$100 or £50) to fill it up. The van also has good ground clearance ~8inches, and can cope with the majority of unmade roads you'll find in Chile, Bolivia etc. just fine.

4x4 motorhome for sale in chile in April 2015

Wir verkaufen im April unser Wohnmobil für (Wind-)Surfer mit unverwuestlichem Dieselmotor, zuschaltbarem Allrad-Antrieb und Gelaendeuntersetzung. Es hat Schlafplaetze fuer 3 Erwachsene oder 2 Erwachsene und 2 (kleinere) Kinder, sowie Platz fuer bis zu drei Windsurfboards (bis 2,45m) und ein Surfboard (bis mind. 8'0") in extra Box im Innenraum. Chilenische Zulassung.

FOR SALE NOW: Familycamper in Ecuador

Having travelled in Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador for 6 month, our flight home is coming closer, kids need to be back at school. We are selling our beloved camper/motorhome, THE most comfortable way to travel with a family, seats and sleeps up to 6 people.

We have travelled all the roads we wanted, good and bad ones, dirt roads, up and down the andeas. You can be totally independent for days and have all the luxury you need, loads of space and storage for you and your loved ones.

Wouldn´t have traded it for any other vehicle!

For price and more details contact

OPPORTUNITY! Renault Campervan for sale in Argentina fully equiped and ready to go

New motor home. Only 16,000kms (10,000miles), one owner.
Renault New Master 2013. Bought new in November 2013 in Buenos Aires. Diesel 2463cc engine. Renault 1 year warranty. Argentinian license plate and full documentation. Legalised as a Motor Home including all technical checks.

Professional conversion to motor home with all the trimmings in January 2014 by Silverland Outdoor Experience.