Need current 2013 Information on driving into Nicaragua

My husband and I moved to Jaco, Costa Rica in November and brought with us a 1999 Jeep Cherokee Laredo.  We have had it titled in Costa Rica and it has current Costa Rican tags and stickers.
The question ... we would like to drive it into Nicaragua for a trip to Granada on July 1st.  We will be in Granada several weeks.  Do you know of any restrictions in Nicaraqua with reference to driving our car in.  We know we have to have a pass from Costa Rica to take the car out ... but wanted to know what we need on the Nicaraguan side.

Managua Mechanic

Had to have some work done on my rig in Managua and found an English speaking mechanic. I had some new pads put on her, new ball joints and a new O2 sensor. The guy is named Oliver, he's originally from Austria and he's the owner of a pretty decent sized shop. He worked quickly and went shopping for some cheap parts for me. The nice thing about Managua is that it's a hub of used parts. So if you're driving anything Japanese you're in luck. Stay in or around the Tica Bus Station and you can eat at Dona Pilars, the place is awesome.  

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Unicorn Hunting on Atitlán Volcano

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NO Right-Hand-Drive Vehicles in Nicaragua

We crossed into Nicaragua a few days ago and it was a major pain in the a.... to get with our vehicle passed the Transit Police at the border (Las Manos).
The law (431, Art 165 - we read the offical transit-law-book) says NO Right-Hand-Drive vehicles are allowed in the country. Unfortunatly we had several officers who took the issue seriously. After we have done all the paper work of imigration and aduana they only wanted to send us back to Honduras and not let us into Nicaragua.

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Gas Prices in Central America

We just crossed to Colombia yesterday. Here's a blog post with what we paid for regular gas Oct-Dec 2011. Enjoy!

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Border Crossings in Central America with expired home country license plate/insurance

Hello everybody,

we have a question regarding the expiration of our home country insurance in November 2011.

We bought a car in Canada and had it insured for one year in British Columbia. This insurance expires at the end of November 2011. The date is shown on the rear license plate and on the registration papers. We are currently in Mexico and will enter Belize soon.

We are not sure if this will cause any problems when crossing the borders of the following countries:

- El Salvador

- Honduras

- Nicaragua

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