Panama to Colombia

Ship your motorcycle/bike from Panama to Cartagena

Hey guys!

In Portobelo, Colon there's a sailboat heading to Cartagena!

It's a 27m long sailboat (you'll appreciate its size in high seas! LOL) it's one of the biggests boats in the Caribbean! It has 21 beds, but is willing to leave with 6 ppl+motorbikes.

- It will go straight from Portobelo to Cartagena!

- It costs U$800 per person with motorcycle, all inclusive!!

- Travellers with bikes or with no means of transportation are welcome too!! at a lower fare :)

Shipping Panama to Colombia ASAP! Need partner

Hey all - we're in Panama City now and looking to get over to Colombia ASAP! We're looking for a shipping container partner - we've got an average sized SUV. No need to stay any longer draining $$ in Panama. Please let me know if you're interested: [email protected]




Shipping Container Partner - Panama to Colombia Mid/Late July

Hola! We are looking to share a shipping container for our car (Toyota 4runner) from Panama to Colombia.  We are currently in Panama and prefer to ship between mid and late July, but our schedule is flexible. 



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Update on Panama - Colombia Ferry

I've been in contact with the ferry company over the last few days as we plan our trip across. I've translated the most recent info and pricing, and made a page on Drive Nacho Drive about it. It looks like a few things have changed or been added since the last time it was mentioned on this forum.

All the best,


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Already in Panama city, need to share container to colombia, ASAP

Hi everybody. I'm already in panama city and i need to find a car to share the container to colombia.
I'm travelling in a chevy van 5x2x2.
First days of february would be perfect!
Meanwhile i'll compare prices with the agencies.

Verdelunar at


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shippping van Panama to Colombia

Hi There,

Im presently in Costa Rica making my way south, would like to ship in May.

Have gotton a few qoutes, and we can exchange info.

Happy Travels


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