Storing a vehicle in Santiago, Chile ?


Does anybody have recommendations on storing a vehicle in Chile, Santiago for 1-2 months?  Unfortunately, I have not been able to find very much information online.  Looking for somewhere safe and inexpensive :)  

Thank you!


Locating good camp grounds Sth America

Hi all, 

Wondering if anyone has advice on good information sources for locating good campsites in Sth America. Maps, websites, books or even apps or blogs. Currently in Cali Colombia but will be driving through to Patagonia over the next 6 months. 

Thanks for any info you have.



We offer our home to Americans Drivers passing through the Argentina Center Region

Hi friends, First Sorry for my english

We are CheToba Family (See our profile in

We return to our home in Argentina Center (Villa María, Córdoba, Argentina) after join our city driving America from here to San Francisco, California and after crossing EEUU to Miami where put our Ford Ranger into a Ship and we take a plane.

Hi friends, First Sorry for my english

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Where to leave our truck in uruguay or Argentina for more than 6 months ?

Hello everyone.

We are returning home for more than 6 months and are looking for a safe place to leave our truck in Uruguay or Argentina.

We are actually in Mendoza and our plane leaves in two weeks in Buenos Aires. If anyone knows of a safe place near Mendoza, Buenos Aires or in Uruguay not too far from Buenos Aires, your help would be really appreciated.

The perfect place would be a guarded place like a camping or a private home, that would charge something like 30$US per month for parking the car.

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