Sharing Container Lima to Houston/Miami in June 2012

I need to ship a car from Lima (Peru) to Houston or Miami in June 2012. If you are interested and willing to share a container please reply here so we can get in touch.

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ship a car from Peru to Europe

I'm looking for information about shipping a car from Peru to Europe.

I have read the post about the shipping but there is no information about shippinf from the west coast of South america to europe.

Thank you for your help.

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For Sale: 4x4 1999 Mitsubishi Nativa in Peru

we are a traveling family with 3 kids who drove from Costa Rica to Peru.

we are selling our 4x4 1999 Mitsubishi Nativa which is GREAT condition and equipted with many additions for a great travel. the car has panamanian plate and the ownership transfer is very easy and simple.

the car includes a family tent, chast cooler, AC converter, great stero system, vehicle gear, we added a rear "cage" the securely holds the cooler and additional food box.

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SOAT in Peru

Peru requires auto insurance (SOAT), even for foreigners transiting the country. We'll be crossing from Ecuador in about a week - haven't decided which border to use yet.

Does anyone know where to buy short-term SOAT near one of the borders?

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