For Sale Off Road Mini Bus / Casa Rodante Central America

We are an American couple, we drove our Ford E450 Diesel minibus with offroad tires and California plates throughout Baja, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nica, Costa, and Panama for 1 full year in June. We have to get back home and are planning on selling this month (May). It is the most perfect, beautiful home you will ever see with a full kitchen, big bed, solar panels, wood floors and plenty of storage. Plus the engine is working great, well maintained and super strong! We've never had problems aside from a tire blow out on a gnarly road in Baja, MX.

Shipping RORO from Ecuador across the Darien Gap


we have a vehicle that is too high for shipping on container and we would want to ship it across the Dairen Gap (northbound) to Central America from Ecuador.

We've heard that NYK Lines ship RORO in the other direction (Panama MIT - Guayaquil, Ecuador), but we haven't been able to get information regarding shipping on the other direction or managed to contact them.

Does anyone have any information about this or have the contact details of the person we should talk to?

Many thanks in advance

Shipping from Central America to Ecuador

Hi Everybody, 

We are currently looking to ship our car from Costa Rica or Panama to Ecuador around mid april. If you have any contact to suggest or want to share a container, feel free to contact us!




Maelle and Francis

RORO shipping from Rio de Janeiro to the Unites States

Does anybody have any idea how to do this?


Do I have to empty my Toyota motorhome if I ship it RORO? And if so, where do I put my stuff?

I have a few questions about shipping an 1982 Toyota Sunrader motorhome across the Darien Gap please...

1) Do you still have to empty everything out if you ship RORO? And would that rule still apply with my Toyota Sunrader motorhome?

2) And if I am still required to remove everything for RORO shipping, where the heck do I put all of my stuff?

3) Is there anyway I can live in it while its being shipped?


RORO Security with SC Line around the Darren.

I am getting ready to ship my truck / truck camper combo this week RORO with SC Line from Manzanillo (Colon) to Cartagena. (Contecar.) I have heard all the stories about the high number of break in, but what I haven't read about is the details about what other overlanders did in advance and what works and what did not?

Stuck in SA! Need RoRo to USA

We're stuck in SA with our camper . . . we need RoRo and the last two months we've had ships cancelled on us. If anyone has RoRo ideas out of any South America ports (pref. Chile or Argentina) to any US port, please reply. I've tried all the contacts on the shipping page here. Thanks! 

RORO From Florida to Colombia

Hello everyone!

I contacted Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics and requested a quote using RORO service from Florida to Colombia. Their fee was very affordable ($850) but they told me that I need a Freight Forwarder. My question is why this is needed, how do I hire a Freight Forwarder and how much will it cost me.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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JAN 2012 Mexico to Colombia - RORO from PANAMA to COLOMBIA?

Hi, earthcircuit is currently close to Puerto Vallarta - we're heading to Mexico City and then to Oaxaca. Slowly, we hope to be in Colombia by June. 

Looking for fellow journeypeople and interesting vibrations.

Also, looking for a boat to take a truck to Cartagena. (And us and our dog). It won't fit in a container - is the RO-RO on? Anyone else in the same situation? 

Get onto our website for more info -

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