SOLD: Sprinter Motorhome for US$29000.-

We are ending our trip and selling our 2006 Sprinter RV now in Uruguay, Argentina or Chile with around 65000 miles. It has beds for 4 adults or 2 adults and 3 kids, is very well maintained, has excellent ground clearance, and everything to live off the grid. Please review all the details in the following document, and contact us through the email at the end of the document.


Happy Travels,



We are Allie, Lulo and Paco, our dog.

We´ve been traveling from Los Angeles to South America for the last ten months, and now we have decided to speed up our return to our country, Argentina because... We are pregnant!!

So we are selling our beautiful traveling home and car. Now we are in Colombia heading south (we can arrange any place from here to Argentina to meet up).

The trailer is 25 feet, has a queen bed, full kitchen, full bathroom, etc (if you are interested, we can send you details and more pictures by e-mail! [email protected]).

The car is a VW Touareg 2008, V8.

We are selling them together or separetly.

Hope this beautiful team finds a new cool owner and can make another family's adventure happy :-)


Allie and Lulo

5/6-seat RV Motorhome needed in Santiago in Late July / Early August 2017


I am planning to do a roadtrip from Santiago starting Late July / Early August 2017.  I would like to have a RV / Motorhome that will have space for 5/6 people. My budget is USD $15,000 or EUR 13,500. I will also be selling the car again at Santiago in Late August / Early September again so I am more than welcome if anyone would like to express their interest in it by then. 

I would be grateful if interested sellers would also post the photos of their vehicle (if you already own them) or give me a link as to the vehicle that you are going to buy. Thank you.

FOR SALE: Sprinter Camper - 2007 Winnebago View RV (upgraded)

FOR SALE in Chile, Argentina or Uruguay in fall 2016: Sprinter Camper - 2007 Winnebago View RV (upgraded)
~62,000miles, USD35,000.--

FOR SALE: 4WD Mitsubishi Truck-Camper in North America

The time has come for us, too, to sell our beloved rolling house.
The truck-camper is a very good option to travel, as you can stand inside, cook inside, and the bed doesn’t take so much place, and you have toilets and a shower! There’s a loooot of storage room, so you can take everything you want on your trip. So it’s very comfortable, but much more convenient than a big rig, being 4x4, small enough, and goddamn powerful!

1989 Ford Jamboree 27ft for sale in Costa Rica

1989 Ford Jamboree 27ft for sale in Costa Rica.

all in perfect working condition, engine runs great, no mechanical issues, has 73000 original miles.

see attached images.

for more details pls contact Jonathan at: [email protected]


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selling our RV in Costa Rica

As we now approach the end of our wonderfull 4 months trip in central america, we say goodbye (and thank you!) to our faithful friend, a 27 ft, class c, 1989 Ford jambory, California registered, runs great, packed with everything that a travelling family can dream of and ALL in perfect working condition!

So if you´re planning to travel from Costa Rica (or Panama), this might be the perfect thing for you!!!

We´ll be in Costa Rica 'till the end of december 2011.

contact us for more info\pics - [email protected]

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