FOR SALE: VW van in Argentina/Chile November 2013


We will be finishing our "drive the Americas" trip in late November or early December in either Argentina or Chile and will be selling our beloved Jurasek, the Volkswagen Eurovan (aka Transporter in Europe).

It´s from 1992, Germany-made with Canadian plates.

The engine is 2.5 litres, five cylinder, it runs on gas and is manual. The consumption is between 9 (highway) and 11 (mountains and off road) litres per 100 km.

SELL: VW kombi in Columbia in September.


We will be selling our VW kombi in northen Columbia in early to mid September. 

She is a 1992 T2 barn door type. Brazilian made, air cooled.  Looks just like the old ones just without the rust.

It is setup as a camper and comes with everything you need; back seat folds out into a doube bed, stove, cooking utensils, cupboards, curtains, some camping gear, basic tools, jerry can, stereo mp3 compadible, new tyres and a beautifully reconditioned engine that has not missed a beat for the last 10 000 Km's.

It has Chilean plates, papers etc. 

1995 Mitsubishi montero for sale in Ecuador/Peru and on

Hi, we are selling our SUV in Colombia/Ecuador with California plates (expires on JAN '14). It's a reliable vehicle with 150.000 miles on it. Everything works, it has new front and rear brakes, new battery, new bands and new alarm. 
It's a cheap, running great 4x4 automatic SUV for someone who's driving through America.

Willy and Cyn.

Jeep Cherokee 2000, 219,000km for Sale in Rio de Janeiro

2000 Jeep Cherokee 4.0 Inline 4x4 Automatic, 219,000km (136,000 miles) for Sale for USD4000. (EUR 3000) -pictures below - ready to go on its next adventure.

Isuzu Trooper camper for sale Guatemala

We're selling the best vehicle to travel central and south america!

Its a converted Isuzu Trooper 1987 with a NEWLY REBUILT ENGINE. 4x4 with raised suspension so it goes everywhere. Its a 2.3 litre engine, manual transmission, 4 cyclinder so its cheap to run even though its a hard core vehicule. It comes with everything you need to travel, and I mean Everything!

For Sale 4x4, Santiago, Mid April 2013

Hi All,

After nearly 2 years in Sth America I am returning home and have my much beloved 4x4 to leave behind, hopefully to someone who can have a similar amazing experience as I have had travelling all over Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina with it

I am in Santiago, Chile and the car will be available from Mid April. It is a 1989 Nissan Terrano 2.7TDI - outfitted for travel (Roof rack and cargo box, shelves and bed inside, blackened rear windows etc).

SOLD Suzuki Jimny 2005 for sale in Santiago, Chile SOLD

We are selling our Suzki Jimny 4x4. If you want a cheap, reliable 4x4 then this is the one. It´s 1,3l engine runs cheap, and is more than powerfull enough. Its tires are almost new. Spare tire comes with. Its mileage is 255000km. The battery is brand new. The price starts at 2,9mil Pesos, and is negotiable;)

I bought the car down in Los Ángeles a month ago, it has taken us to fantastic places you can only reach by car down here! But now we´re leaving Chile. The car has 4x4 with low & high series and a winch, so there should be no problem you can´t handleJ

Toyota Land Cruiser FJ 60 (1985) for sale, 5500US$

Dear Travelers
we sell our beloved camper Land Cruiser in Chile/Pichilemu.
The truck has Californian plates. I can sell it only to tourists.We drove the truck in 2 years all the way down. It's still in a good condition. In Bolivia, where labor is cheap, we changed all breaks and seals (front wheels) in a "swiss" garage. Worked on some rust issues and changed some gaskets and seals. The flying wheel we changed in Ecuador and tires complete in Peru.

SOLD (edit) Toyota 4Runner V6 4x4 (with buildin bed) in Chile

We are posting this message already because we know how important it is to see advertisements of cars when you are planning you trip. It is always nice to see cars that are fully prepared for roadtrips in South America.

For Sale: 2000 Pontiac Montana Minivan (Belize or Guatamala)


I have a Canadian registered 2000 Pontiac Montana that I have setup a bed in the back. I have driven down from Canada and am currently in Mexico. I have to fly back home at the end of October and wish to sell the van before then.

If anyone is interested in buying, or knows of anyone/anywhere I could sell it (hopefully in Belize or Guatamala) then send me an email at glenn.gregory8 @ gmail dot com



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