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Fuel and tie-down Qs re shipping from Panama to Colombia

hi all,

Thanks for sharing such great info re shipping vehicles from Panama to Colombia. Two issues I have not seen addressed are:


1. do we need to provide our own tie-downs for securing our truck in the container or are those provided for us?

2. does our gas tank need to be nearly empty prior to loading?

3. We have a 5 gallon jerry can for extra diesel--anyone know if jerry cans are a problem prior to loading?

Share container on oct 14th

Hello !! everyone

I will be shipping my truck from Colon to Cartagena

on oct 14th.

I am in Panama in the city of Boquete about 6 hours from panama city

I am looking for someone to share a 40' container.

Here is my site:

here is my site:

Info [ at ]



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shippping van Panama to Colombia

Hi There,

Im presently in Costa Rica making my way south, would like to ship in May.

Have gotton a few qoutes, and we can exchange info.

Happy Travels


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