Container Sharing - From Chile/Argentina to Mexico/USA, Jan - Feb 2019

The time is almost here for us to leave South America and we are looking for someone who would like to share a container back North. Our options are pretty flexible and we are looking to ship from either Montevideo or Valparaiso to Mexico(preferably) or the USA near the beginning of next year. We are thinking maybe late January or February. The preferred option would be to go from Montevideo or Buenos Aires to Mexico, but we are open to other options depending on who would like to share the container and the cost differences.

Container sharing Columbia -> Asia asap

As shipping to Panama is as expensive as any other port of the world we want some different cultural experience at Asia. We want to share a container as soon as possible.

Container sharing Cartagena to Colon - Early June 2017

Hey guys,

We have a motorbike that would fit nicely with a car or van in a container from Cartagena, Colombia to Colon, Panama.

Looking to travel at the beggining of June.

If anyone is going that way please let us know.



Container sharing Colombia (Cartagena) to Panama

Shipping Colombia to Panama early to mid June 2017.

Hey all - I am going to look into shipping my Mitsubishi 4x4 from Colombia (most likely Cartagena) to Panama (Panama City) in early to mid June. Is anybody already shipping around then with a space in their container or is anyone planning to ship around then and would like to share a container? Send me a message or comment here to discuss further if you are!

[email protected]

Sharing container: Panama to Colombia

Hello, travelers!

We are planning to ship our compact Suzuki SX4 on March 23rd or so from Panama to Colombia.

If you are driving a car/trailer/van and is interested in sharing the container with us, please let us know: [email protected].

Thank you!

Container Sharing 5th of August 2016 from Cartagena (columbia) to Colon (Panama)

We are looking for someone to share the big container with us on 5 th of August from Columbia to Panama!

Please contact us at [email protected] if you are interested :)

Container sharing Colon to Cartagena

Hi fellow overlanders,

We are looking for a container mate for our Suzi XL7. Ideally, we would like to leave Colon during the first week of July.

Is there anyone looking to share a container in that period?

Happy travels,

Wim & Didem

Shipping container from Panama to Colombia Jan 2016

Hey there, 

I'm interested in sharing a conainer from Colon Panama to Cartagena Colombia around January 18, 2016. Let me know if you're interested in sharing a container. My email is [email protected]



Freight Forwarder for US->Argentina Container Shipment / Container Sharing

All, just starting the shipping portion planning stage of my trip.  Hope to ship my Land Cruiser down to South America and spend about 6 months touring patagonia, etc.  From intial research seems that going on the atlantic side is typically the more common route so was thinking Houston to Buenos Aires.  (I'd drive the car down from Denver to Houston). 

Anybody have a recomendation on a freight forwarder?  Or by chance already in the process of getting something set up and want to share a container?  My leave date is fairly flexible, hopefully sometime between August 1st and 31st?