sharing a container to transfer vehicle from Panama to Columbia on Mid October 2011


we looking to ship a vehicle from panama to columbia on mid october 2011. we rather to share a 40' container to lower the costs. if you know of anyone that has the same need, please contact us at [email protected]

in addition, if you can recommand a reliable and cheap agent or shipping company, we will appreciate it.

kobi klaf




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container sharing mid/end of November from Columbia to Panama

Hello All

We would like to share a 40' container from Columbia (Cartagena) to Panama mid/end of November 2011. Our car is a Defender 110. We would like to use a broker in Cartagena and maybe also in Panama City.

If you are interessted please contact us to check more details.

Best regards

Claus & Agnes


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Container Sharing from Panama to Colombia in June

Hey folks,

we would like to ship our vehicle from Colon in Panama to Cartagena in Columbia to cross the Darien Gap. A 40´ container would be needed if we share with somebody else. The prices we´ve got by now show that it will be around 1000 dollars each if we share, about 300 or 400 dollars more for anybody doing it alone. We are quite flexible about the timings. It has to be in June, we prefer somewhere around the 15th. Let us know by answering here in the thread or writing an email to [email protected].

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Panama to Colombia Container Sharing, March 18

Hi, me and my girlfriend are travelling from México City to Ushuaia, Argentina. We are now in Panama and we are planning shipping our camper on March 18, so we are looking for a partner to share the container. It is going from Colon to Cartagena.

The price I have is $750.00 USD + 35 USD in Cartagena per car on a 40" container.

If you are interested, please contact us. Our webpage is, and our mail is [email protected]


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Panama to Colombia (Sharing Container in early-mid March) Posted Feb 27th

We are looking to ship our car from Panama to Colombia in the next couple weeks.  We are currently in Costa Rica and should be in Panama in the next couple days.  We dont know how long we will be in Panama, but probably a week or two.  The time frame could be modified to work with another persons schedule.

We would prefer to find someone to share a container with us...and to share the headache of the process.

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