FOR SALE! Mercedes Sprinter 2001; 120000km, completely isolated, bulletsafe windows ( former german police van)

We sell our epic sprinter van (former police car) about the end of July 2016 and beginning of August around Santiago de Chile (or elsewhere). Very reliable car with just one minor problem (auxiliary belt broken) on the first 10.000km of our trip. Easy but functional camper van installations, big suite, solid table, big bed. Few electric installations. Details below. Asking price 14.000€.

Pics and vids on: http://lizardclimbing.com/index.php?id=394 and https://vimeo.com/159993532

WANTED - Campervan Chile November 2014

we are looking for a Campervan to buy.
We will be in Chile mid-end of November 14  and then going down south to Puerto Natales.
We think of  something  based on Sprinter or Iveco Daily, no things like
4WD-Toyota/Nissan/Mitsubishi - Pickups.
Takeover could either be in Santiago, Temuco or Puerto Montt.
If you have one, if you know one, if you know one who knows one, let us know !
Hit me up at   
patagonia1415 AT web DOT de
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Mercedes Sprinter Camper for Sale - NOW AT A TIME THAT SUITS YOU in Santiago

For sale 2005 Mercedes Sprinter 308 2.2 CDI with full camper conversion. Mercedes Sprinters are the workhorse van for most tour bus operators in Chile, Peru and Argentina because of their reliability and economy. The van is amazingly efficient, it's a 2.2l CDI which can eke out up to 1000kms on a 75l tank of diesel when cruising highways. In Chile you'll pay~50,000 Chilean Pesos (~$100 or £50) to fill it up. The van also has good ground clearance ~8inches, and can cope with the majority of unmade roads you'll find in Chile, Bolivia etc. just fine.

Good place to store our van in Montevideo?

Hello all,


I've gotten tons of useful advice off this forum so a huge shout-out and THANK YOU to everyone who shares their stories, advice and information. It helps, A LOT! I'm going to try and stayed connected more so I can return the favor since we've come all the way down through Central America, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and are now headed to Argentina and Uruguay. 

2005 Sprinter Camper for sale in Argentina Feb '14 $39,000 USD

~~2005 Dodge Mercedes 3500 Camper “Vanna”  Plated in Oregon, USA.

73,300 miles, meticulously maintained.  Van is a day drive from Buenos Aires right now.

VIN: WD0PD544155845275 
Mercedes Benz Engine, Model: OM 647 LA    CID 164
Engine Family / Engine Code: 5MBXH2.69DJB / Code 1
Engine series: 5-Cyl. 2.7L
Engine type: 2.7L L5 DOHC 20V TURBO DIESEL

Camper built new in October 2012 with the help of Outsidevan in Oregon.  All of the camping conversion accessories are only a year and a half old.  


Sprinter Van For Sale In South America

FOR SALE - Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van

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