Towing a car across borders

Has anyone towed a car across a border yet? 

I have an uruguayan car here in Chile that needs to return to Uruguay before August but it has basically broken down. So we were thinking of towing it with our Ford E-250 van (registered in the U.S.) because it too has to leave the country in the next month.

My fear is that there is some rule against doing this. We will purchase a tow dolly to do it right, but if anyone else has tips or knows of where I can find rules regarding this, I would greatly appreciate it!

Crossing border to Mexico - travel buddies?

Hi guys,

we're a couple driving from Las Vegas to Patagonia in our camper. We'll be reaching Yuma shortly and looking for some fun people to team up when crossing the border and driving through Mexico. We're obviously considering to cross the border around Yuma and then going down along the West coast of Mexico up until reaching Mexico City level, where we'll then start to head to the other side of the country. However, we don't know the country very well and are open to suggestions.