Darien gap shipping vehicle container panama Columbia Cartagena

Sharing Container Cartagena, Colombia –> Colon, Panama

Is anyone interested in sharing a container from Cartagena, Colombia –> Colon, Panama during mid-July? My family and I will be traveling from São Paulo, Brazil to Edmonton, Canada for the months of June-August. Due to the geographic impediment of the Darien Gap, we are looking to ship our vehicle (Suzuki Vitara 1994) from Cartagena, Colombia to Colon, Panama. 

We plan to arrive in the northern region of Colombia- near Cartagena- around the 10th of July. 

If by any chance you are interested in sharing the container for the endeavor, please do get in touch.

Container sharing from Panama to Columbia (Mid-late November 2016)

Hi Everyone,

My family and I are currently on our way down to Panama and will arrive in a few days. We are planning on shipping our vehicle across the Darien Gap through any shipping company. Please let me know if you are interested in saving costs by sharing a container. Thank you!

email: [email protected]