Container Shipping; Veracruz MX to Cartegena CO

Hey everybody,


My wife and I are looking to ship our pickup and camper via 40' High top from Mexico to Columbia in early September.

We're having some trouble finding a shipper. We're trying to avoid RORO for security concerns.

Has anyone shipped this route or have information on agents/shippers who can provice us the service? How about shipping buddies?




Sharing container to Cartagena from Colon ASAP.

Hello! The four of us are friends traveling in a 1985 Westfalia Vanagon. We've just arrived to Panama City hoping to take the new ferry from Colon to Cartegena. Unfortunately after visiting their offices here in the city, we've been told the ferry is not accepting cars as cargo right now. The cargo bay is apparently still under construction and unsafe. Passengers however can still take the ferry. We are considering our options now and are putting feelers out for anyone who is trying to ship to Colombia, too.

Container Share Colombia to Panama

Looking for a container share buddy for my Chilean kombi to help us continue our trip up to Alaska.

I am on the coast now and would like to get to Panama ASAP.  

At most I can be in Colombia until the 3rd week of November 2012


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