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*Found - no longer looking for a car* WANTED: car in Argentina as soon as possible


Me and my girlfriend are travelling around South America and are looking for a car (or any 4 wheeled Vehicle) to travel in. We are currently in Salta in northern Argentina and will be heading South through Argentina over the next few weeks. 

Any one who has a vehicle in Argentina they want to sell, or knows of someone who does, or who can help us please feel free to message. 

My email is [email protected]

Buy Car for a roadtrip


I and my girlfriend are going to travel all around Chile and we were searching someone who is ending his trip and selling is car. We would like to buy the car in October.

If someone wants to sell his car we would like to buy it.






Europe to USA (By Boat) / Buy car in NYC & Drive to Panama

Hi Guys,

So in a few months, my dog & I are embarking on a relocation to Panama. I am not interested in her traveling by Cargo and because she is a French Bulldog (Snub Nose) its pretty impossible for her to fly into a location with high heat...

So our mission is to get to NYC from Finland. This we can do but my biggest question right now is simple. When we get to NYC by boat, we will stay there maybe a month or so. This is where we plan to prepare our vehicle. Buy a 4WD, set it up, get all the relevant camping / cooking gear and so on...