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Wanted in South America: A 4x4 preferebly with Azalaï or that can sleep two people.

I am looking to buy a 4x4 with Azalaï or that can sleep two people. We will be in peru from the 27th of October 2016, but can be flexible for the right vehicle. 

Bolivia and Argntia are our next destinations, so Paraguay and Chile are very possible pick up destinations. 

For the moment I am open to any vehicles, but we are planning on driving to Ushuaia so the better the condition, the more keen I would be! 

Many thanks in advance for any contact, and please don't hesitate to contact me forr any details.

buying a car in bolivia?

Hello all,

I am going to buy a car in Bolivia and drive it to the states. It is a 1960's Toyota. It is Bolivian Owend and registered for its whole life. I am a little bit nervous, because I have no idea what documents to obtain before buying it order to get it through each country smoothly. I imagine I will have to sort out insurance along the way. A carne must not be an option. And the only other thing I can think of is title and registration. But that seems too simple. Anyone who can shed any light on this to me will be a hero. From buying to transport to import into the us.