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Going to Honduras - Buy a bus?

Hey y'all. We're going to live at a farm outside of Tegulcigalpa, Honduras. We're going to be there for about 6 months (Oct to April), maybe longer, so we figured we'd bring our two beloved bullies (70 lbs each). It costs $1k for just one crate for a plane, so we're considering driving from Dubuque, IA. We would like to take our time and make this a little easier on ourselves since we have limited experience driving across country borders, so we're considering buying a bus. Anyone have experience with this type of thing?

Buying car and driving from LA to Lima as foreigner?

Hi, I have done a bit of research but have not found any concrete evidence of whether buying a car as an Australian/foreigner was worth the time and effort/uncertainty of buying and then selling a car for this trip. I am open to buying from other travellers  and from mexico but I have read that this is much harder.

Has anyone done this and would like to advise on the best way to go about this?

Thanks for your help :)

For Sale - Ford Escape 4x4 - In Santiago May 1st to 9th (includes accessories)

Hi All!

We are selling our brilliant Ford Escape 4x4 in Santiago in early May. Itś a 2005 Escape XLS 2.3 Automatic. 155,000 kms, roof racks, alarm, air conditioning, overdrive, radio with cd player (we just use our ipod and a seperate speaker)

4x4 Mitsubishi Montero (Pajero) 2001 in Buenos Aires / Santiago Chile

Really nice 4x4 Montero (Pajero) with Chile plates

I bought it for a longer trip, I have been out sailing for 5 years, 3 yrs down here in South America/Antarctic. When I sold my boat in Uruguay I decided to take my Argentina GF on a tour. Sadly we just broke up and I will fly to Sweden for X-mas. I have a return ticket in January. Right now its here in Buenos Aires with me and I will park it at my boat club when going home. I CAN drive it to Santiago if the deal is secured before 12 of December.

Heading South

Hi group... I'm in Rio driving south to Buenos Aires and possibly Tierra del Fuego sometime during/after carnaval. Anyone with any tips to share, places they recommend along the way or wishing to tag along, let me know. This is a bit of a test run to see how my car and I survive the trip so hopefully this is just the start of something much bigger. 




Dirving in Colorado

Driving in Colorado is really relaxed compared to a lot of the USA so if you are traveling to Colorado do not worry about crazy driving because everyone is relaxed in Colorado.

The Colorado driving is really relaxed style of driving if you are visiting Colorado and are worried about driving do not be. Every rental car is going to be an automatic and only in Denver Colorado there will be a problem with traffic at rush hour. It use to be really difficult to drive through Denver because of construction but today the 5 lane highway on I-25 is almost always clear unless there is an accident.


pan-american travel partner sought

Hi All,

I am looking to depart from NYC between Thanksgiving and Christmas in my jeep wrangler and plan on driving to Tierra del Fuego.  I want to do it at a relatively fast pace (4-6) months.  

If anyone is interested, please contact me.


The Good Son Returns Home project! Travel along from your internet connection...

Hey Everyone,

Please check out to see my project to drive from NY to Brazil! I have 2 weeks left to raise my funding goal to be able to document the whole trip and share it with everyone. Please check it out, Contribute (and get a Perk for doing it), and then share it with your social networks.

I need this project to go viral! Be a part of an amazing adventure from the comfort of your internet connection...thanks for checking this out!