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1997 Toyota Hiace Van with Chilean plate, kitchen, bed, storage set up for sale in Osorno, Chile NOW $4000 USD

Hi ! We are a family of three worldwide travelers. We have been lucky owners of the Toyota van Don Pedo. We purchased it in Osorno, Chile in the beginning of 2018 and traveled in it from Osorno to Arica, Chile to La Paz, Bolivia through Lake Titicaca down to the coast of Peru, all the way up to Lima. Then our friends drove it from Lima back to Osorno in 2018. In 2019 we explored in it most of Chilean and Argentine Patagonia, picking it up in Osorno and then reaching the end of the Chilean road system at Lake Fagnano; Ushuaia and then back north.

CAMPER VAN FOR SALE - Dodge Ram 1500 Van (2002)

We are selling our converted camper van fully equipped with everything you need to live, camp and adventure in South America. Over the last 2 years, this van has taken us from Alaska to Patagonia with ZERO breakdowns. It is capable of driving on almost all terrain and has high clearance for those rough roads. We have loved our time living and travelling in this vehicle and are looking for new owners to continue the adventure as it still has a lot of life left in it!

WHEN: Available from April 1st (Flexible)
WHERE: Chile or Uruguay (Negotiable)


Hola Chicos!

We're selling our beloved campervan 'Hubert' in March in Santiago de Chile (or somewhere else in the centre of Chile). Hubert used to be a school bus until we converted him into a lovely campervan which supposed to be our home for 4 months, travelling through Patagonia. Altough it's hard to let him go, we're sure he'll be in good hands!


Details about Hubert:

FOR SALE! 88 Astro Travel Van (DROPPED PRICE $1,000) fully equipped!

So heres the story, or at least it so far.  My brother and I have been traveling with our beloved van for about 6 months now. We have traveled all the way to ushauia, chile and now are making our way north! Found the van on this site. We bought the van from a fellow American drove it down to Chile did a lot of work to the van to prep for the trip.  Three guys who graduated college in Sothern California bought this van at an auction.  It was a grade school van used for field trips, hence the relativley low milage (about 110,000).  Here's the original post.


PRICE DROP: Year 2000, Dodge Ram 2500 Van with Californian Plates, 137 000 Miles. Selling Mid- Late July 2015 Santiago, Chile.

We have had the time of our lives road- tripping from California to Chile and it is now time to sell the vehicle that has comfortably got us to here. We were originally going to sell it in Panama, though loved the car so much that we wanted to keep him through South America as well. We are more than happy to go over the car with you, over a day or two as well as help with any enquiries about the big journey!

FOR SALE in Panama Ford Econoline E150 Conversion Van - Low miles

We have a 1999 Ford E150 Conversion Van for sale in Panama/Nicaragua/Coasta Rica (wherever is easiest) over the next few weeks. 

2003 AWD Chevrolet Astro Van - May 2013

Looking to find interested party in buying our Astro Van when we finish our trip in Argentina in May 2013.  


When finished she'll have somewhere around 130 K miles.  She's modified for long term travel, for a list of modifications and pictures see our website here (  Security and comfort were the core values she was built around.  If interested I have plenty more information.  Contact us at [email protected]