A Team Van

GMC Vandura Van 1993 - Colombia Medellin - 5000 USD OBO

Hi everyone!

I had to leave Colombia in June and also had to leave behind my beloved van.

Her name is Jack Tiara. She's a dragqueen and she's amazing.

I bought her in California in November and drove her down to Colombia. She's in a great condition.

She's currently parked in Santa Elena, one hour outside of Medellin, Colombia, where a friend is taking care of her for me.

She never let us down.

I hope to find a new loving owner for my beloved Jack Tiara soon.

Awesome Dodge Ram Van 2500 Model 2000 (Panama/Costa Rica/Nicaragua) April

Dodge Ram Van 2500 Model 2000 (Panama/Costa Rica/Nicaragua – April) 

Awesome deal: Low millage, safe (abs/airbag), full camp equipped, tough and discreet

More photos (click here)

About: 70.000 Miles

Price: 3.299 Euro / 4500 US