In-built stove (countertop with 2 burners) or camping stove - what is cheaper in terms of gas cartridges / tank

Hey you all! Nice to meet you :)

We have just bought a lovely camper van in Chile (thank you guys from Laybacktravel - you guys rock!) and are doing some changes to the interior / lay-out. We first wanted to install a stove with 2 burners (encimera) and buy a 5kg gas bottle and design our furniture in a way that it is secure to travel. However, someone here in the town we are in opined that a gas bottle of 5kg would last us about 20 days. The bottle costs about 17 000 -- to fill up with gas another 7000.-. The stove would be about 90 000 new. 

Diesel Truck with cab over camper for Sale in Columbia July 2013

Hello, my name is Reid.  My wife and I will be finishing up our one year Journey through Central and South America in Columbia sometime around early July 2013.  We have the best overland rig one could ever want.  If you want the ability to travel anywhere and have all the comfort and space you could imagine, then we have the rig for you.