WANTED: Anchorage/Alaska - Start of June, Van for Alaska to Patagonia trip

Hi everyone, 

Finally booked our trip. We arrive into Anchorage on the 6th of June 2018 and hope to find our "forever" vehicle in Alaska. (By "forever" I mean the vehicle that will take us the whole way south). 

Please send through any / all vans that are available for us to consider - we are flexible with our requirements/budget at this stage, so don't want to pigeon-hole anything by putting a price on here. 

So send it through and we'll let you know if it's the sort of thing we're looking at. :)



We are a couple from Spain and we are going to travel from Alaska to California for 6 months. We're going to arrive in Alaska on 22nd of April 2016.

Our budget is about 5.000$ for a van with about 120.000 mileage, so i you are going to finish your trip in Alaska and you want to sell your van, we are the right people! :)


You can contact us by email: [email protected]

Vehicle wanted—Anchorage


We are looking for a vehicle for when we start our Pan-American trip in Anchorage (we'll be arriving there on the 21st of May)

We are hoping to get our hands on a 4Runner or a Landcruiser, we still haven't made a call about what year vehicle we are looking for as it mostly depends on price and condition. 

Any tips, contacts, suggestions etc would be very welcome.

Thanks in advance, 

Emma :)