Container Shipping; Veracruz MX to Cartegena CO

Hey everybody,


My wife and I are looking to ship our pickup and camper via 40' High top from Mexico to Columbia in early September.

We're having some trouble finding a shipper. We're trying to avoid RORO for security concerns.

Has anyone shipped this route or have information on agents/shippers who can provice us the service? How about shipping buddies?




Container sharing Colombia to Veracruz (MEX) or Panama-End of May 2017

Hi everybody,

We are looking for a partner to share a container from Colombia (most likely Cartagena) to Panama or better for us to Veracruz (Mexico) end of May 2017.

Our van measures 5400 mm max which leaves 6598 mm for your vehicule or motocycles. 

Is anybody interested ? 

Please comment or send an email : [email protected]


Keral (




shipping from Veracruz to Cartagena

Does anyone know of reliable agents at either Veracruz or Cartagena and if they speak English would be a added benift.

We are planning to ship early May.