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Wanted: Vehicle in or around Santiago, in mid-October

we are going to arrive to Santiago in the middle of October and we will be travelling up north for about 8 months (Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Equador, Colombia)
We're looking for a (cheaper 4x4), preferably an automatic and it would be nice if it has a built-in double bed and some other stuff usefull for travelling.
Our budget: +/- $7000. As my friend is a mecanic please be honest about the state of the car. No need to contact if it has big mecanic issues as we don't want to have (to much) troubles with the car ;-)
my email: kmoldo(add)hotmail(dot)com

Buy local car in Paraguay and sell it in other South American country (CL, AR, PE)


we would like to buy a used car in Paraguay (with Paraguayan plates) that is older than 10 years, drive it down to Patagonia and then sell it on the way up the pacific coast in Chile/Argentina or Peru.

Could you please help us with some questions regarding some of the pitfalls in the process:

4x4 camperized to sell in Argentina-Chile between June-August

Hello travellers, after 22 months our trip comes to the end and we sell our travel partner for the last few months in Southamérica. We plan to sell it for the end of June-July-August between Chile and Argentina, depending from the buyer. Actually we are living in Bariloche, Argentina.

Sell car 4x4  Argentina-Chile