Wanted: Van in Chile in September

Hola fellow road trippers!
We're escaping the Canadian winter and joining the adventures on the road in South American this September.

Arriving in Santiago Chile we are looking for a Van, something reliable and trustworthy (naturally) 

Camper van, renovated van, converted mini van, mini bus with pop-up roof.... we're open to options. If you're at the end of the road and heartbroken to separate from your comfy home on wheels send me an email. Perhaps we can help.

[email protected]

Enjoy the road! 


Toyota 4Runner 4WD for sale in Santiago de Chile at the end of september with full equipment included
We are a french couple on the road since March 2017.

The car is in good condition. It is a 4 wheel drive, making it the ideal car to travel thought all kind of roads in South America. It's fully equiped for any overlander adventure : we built a folding bed inside with storage underneath.

All equipment is included in the selling price.

FOR SALE NOW In Santiago: 2005 Mitsubishi Outlander 4x4 $7000 USD or 4400000 Chilean Pesos

After 6 months on the road, it is time to sell our beloved "Gringa." If you are looking for a reliable vehicle that you can depend on when no help is around, then you've found it. It's also a rare opportunity to buy a vehicle that has been blessed by a Priest in Copacabana which in Bolivia meant you were invincible on the road. You can sleep it in too as we did most of the time.

175000 kms 

For sale 4x4 Toyota Hilux Camper - Mid-September - Chile - 4,000€

Andy, our faithful steed that has taken us adventuring around Chile, will be searching for new owners as our adventure comes to an end around mid-September. The vehicle is not for those looking for luxury and comfort at every turn and many of the bells and whistles have stopped ringing and whistling on this 89' Hilux Surf. Nonetheless, the important things work and it runs solid. We are a couple in our later 20's and we adventured the last few months and left our luxuries behind.

WANTED: looking for vehicle for 4 people in Chile (Santiago) in september


We are looking for a vehicle in September for 4 people, 4 adults in order to travel in South America during 6 months.
We will start in Chile and after we will go to Bolivia, Peru, Argentina and come back in Chile.
The idea is to find a big van or a camping car or maybe a big 4WD with sleeping beds and a rooftop.

WANTED: Car with bed (Van prefered) anywhere in South America for roadtripping. Arrival = September 2014.


I want to buy a car with a bed (Van/Transporter size would be nice) to do a roadtrip in South America for as long as my bank account isn't broke. The car should be running and hold a place for me to sleep. I will pick the car up where ever you are.

I want to spend less than 5000 $ (3700 €).

My journey will start in September 2014. One or two month later would be OK if I dont find a car earlier.

If you know somebody, who knows somebody, please write me: [email protected]



Who & Where We are: 

We are a couple of creatives currently living in Buenos Aires, planning a roadtrip to blaze a trail of oobeedoo :) Making art and getting to know communities across the continent :) Our mechanic lives (convienently) on our street in San Telmo. So if you pass through Bs.As. and want to sell your car, email us and pop in for a cup of tea. And if we decide to adopt your car we can even offer a bed while we are dealing with the papers :) 

What we are ideally looking for: