container partner

Partner for Container from Colombia to Panama

Container from Colombia to Panama

I'm looking for a container partner, I travel in a medium van. The idea is for the middle or end of May. WhatsApp +5492944300983

Container share Panama to Columbia around 17 December 2017

We plan to ship our vehicle (4.3 m long) from Panama to Columbia around 17 December 2017, and are looking to share a 40 foot container with another vehicle. We can be reached here or at +65-9326-8956 (WhatsApp).

Sharing container from Panamá to colombia URGE

Me and my family are traveling from México to Argentina, and de need a partner to share a container in Panamá.
We are now almost entering to Honduras and plan to get to Panamá City on Sunday december 10th to start with all the procedures on Monday and ship our vehicle that same week. If you're interested, my contact number is +5212225656269 whatsapp only or vía email: [email protected]

[updated] Looking to share container from Costa Rica or Panama to Colombia or Ecuador, October or November 2015

The shipping date could be anytime between October 25 and November 15. Please contact me if you're interested. My truck is 18' long, so there would be space for another vehicle of up to 21' in length. Thanks! [email protected] (Daniel)

Shipping Partner for next week Panama-Colombia

We are looking for a shipping partner...


Contact us if you are interested. 

[email protected]

Fuel and tie-down Qs re shipping from Panama to Colombia

hi all,

Thanks for sharing such great info re shipping vehicles from Panama to Colombia. Two issues I have not seen addressed are:


1. do we need to provide our own tie-downs for securing our truck in the container or are those provided for us?

2. does our gas tank need to be nearly empty prior to loading?

3. We have a 5 gallon jerry can for extra diesel--anyone know if jerry cans are a problem prior to loading?