*SOLD*Price Drop for Toyota Land Cruiser in Santiago / Mendoza available from 1st March 2017. $6,000


Hello guys,

We are two English chaps who flew to California, bought this beast of a car and drove down to Argentina. It's been a real blast and we love the car but soon we will need to sell up and return home :-(

WANTED IN COLOMBIA NOW.....any car, van, truck, camper on any plate from any country

Hey guys,

We are a British couple living near armenia in Quindio, Colombia looking for any transport with 4 wheels so we can explore. We are looking for anything cheap or even if it needs work and can pay in pesos, pounds or bank transfer.

We can meet you anywhere in colombia 

Let us know what you have



[email protected] 


+57 3235978524 


4x4 Camper with Bed FOR SALE | Dec - early Jan


Hello travelers, our 5 month road trip is coming to an end and we need to sell our travel partner for the last few months.

We plan to sell end of November - December, at the latest early January between North Chile and Santiago, depending on the buyer. Right now we are in Peru and travelling down the coast to Chile.